Wednesday, August 10

The sixth wave, unstoppable and with new positive records

Transmission by covid in the sixth wave he continues unstoppable, with a new record of infections in most of the nine communities that have updated on this Kings Day the data on the evolution of the pandemic, which reflects almost 84,000 more positives.

These are the numbers of new infections in the communities of Andalusia, Aragon, Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Catalonia, Galicia, Murcia, Navarra and the Basque Country, which add up to 61% of the total positives notified this Wednesday, (137,180) and which was the second highest peak in the entire pandemic, together with the one registered on December 30, also during the Christmas celebrations.


In the last day they have been diagnosed 12,341 cases of covid in Andalusia and there have been eight deaths from the disease.

In addition, those admitted for the disease in Andalusian hospitals have increased by 55 and are now 1,388. Of the total, 200 are in ICUs, six more than yesterday.


Aragon maintains the ascending line of cases and for the second day in a row it has reached a new record, by notifying 7,476 cases new correspondents.


The Balearic Islands have notified 4,044 new covid infections this Thursday, 19 diagnosed in one day, a new daily maximum with which it chains the third consecutive record.

The Health department has not reported new deaths from the covid.


New coronavirus infections continue to rise in Cantabria, which has registered another record number with 2,218 cases, although the number of hospitalized patients has decreased and stands at 176, six less than in the last balance.

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According to data from the Cantabrian Health Service, in recent hours there have been no deaths and the number of covid patients in intensive care remains at 26.


Catalonia has counted about 31,000 new confirmed cases of covid and 20 deaths in the last 24 hours, although the risk of regrowth remains stable and the speed of spread of the disease decreases.

According to the data updated this Thursday by the Health Department, today there are a total of 1,918 people admitted with covid in Catalan hospitals, 62 more than yesterday, while 467 patients are seriously ill in the ICU, one less than the day before. .


Galicia adds a total of 4,869 new infections detected, 96 less than this Wednesday.

Although the situation in hospitals continues to be contained despite the high number of infections and active cases, in the last day there has been an increase in hospital admissions (378), while the number of people admitted to the ICU has decreased ( 53).


There is also a new record in the Murcian community, with 5,520 between these Tuesday and Wednesday, when six people between 57 and 90 years old died.


Navarra has registered 3,320 new cases of covid-19, within the range above 3,000 cases maintained in this stage of the sixth wave of the pandemic, although below 3,616 on Tuesday.

In the previous day, 204 patients remained hospitalized for coronavirus, with 22 people in ICUs.


Euskadi accumulates four days with more than a hundred daily new admissions due to covid in its hospitals as a result of the increase in the number of positives, with 13,258 new infections and an accumulated incidence that is already 5,761.80 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days.

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