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The smallest pistol in the world measures 5.5 centimeters, weighs 20 grams and yes, it can kill you: this is the Swiss Mini Gun

Size sometimes does matter. It happens with the Swiss Mini Gun revolver. To someone who is thinking of buying a pistol, its characteristics may seem like a joke. After all, its power is inferior to that of many firearms. airsoft and its design is not too comfortable. It is when talking about dimensions when the Swiss stands out as a unique piece. Made with the precision of Swiss watchmaking, its creator claims that the revolver is the smallest in the world.

For the title, of course, he is not without merit. As the Guinness World Records itself confirms, the dimensions of the Swiss Mini Gun are more like those of an insect than a fire gun. It is 5.5 centimeters long, 3.5 high and 1 wide. In terms of weight, it remains at 19.8 grams. It is not far from the measurements of a goldfinch, which can also be around 14 or 19 grams, although with a size that doubles that of the Swiss Mini Gun; nor that of certain giant cockroaches.

It is so small that seen in the palm of the hand it looks more like a keychain or a miniature than a real pistol. That for the first impression, of course. The Swiss Mini Gun C1ST is anything but a toy. To export it, the manufacturer and customer must apply for a permit in their respective countries. And not all authorize them. Although the company assures that in Canada or France the C1ST model is not considered a firearm, there are other states to which it cannot be sent. It happens with the United Kingdom and the USA. Even in Switzerland his revolver is listed as “real firearm”.

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When looks are deceiving

With the size of a goldfinch or a medium insect it is clear that the Swiss Mini Gun is tiny, but the big question is… Is it dangerous? Can one of his shots hurt us?

Well, better not try it. The firm specifies that each of its bullets has a caliber of 2.34 millimeters, a length of 4.53 and a weight of 0.128 grams. As for the energy it reaches, it details that it is just 0.97 j. “The power of most of the compressed air or pellet guns that are for sale in many countries can exceed that of our ammunition by more than ten times,” highlights the manufacturer, who acknowledges in any case that there are several nations , starting with Switzerland itself, which considers the C1ST model a real weapon.

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For the weapons and ballistics expert Steven Howard, the Swiss Mini Gun revolver cannot be considered a simple ornament or a toy. His conclusions are very clear, indeed. Perhaps it is not as deadly as the famous Magnum and Howard himself ironically in Business Insider saying that the weapon is “ideal” to kill mice and cockroaches; but in the right hands – or with chance involved – the Swiss pistol could cause considerable damage.

Moreover, if the shot is accurate and hits the victim in the most exposed part of the head, it could even be fatal. Howard emphasizes that for this to happen, a series of very specific circumstances must occur, such as the shot reaching the softest part of the skull at a certain distance and in the right conditions, but he slips that the risk is on the table.

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Rev Jeans

Gal 1

Gal Or Diam 4

Nor is its price that of a toy. On its website the company sells it in stainless steel with a leather case, a cleaning set and 48 cartridges – half real and half blank – for 6,500 Swiss francs, about 6,300 euros. If they are purchased from abroad, the base price is somewhat lower, but VAT and import taxes must be added.

“The manufacture of this exceptional miniature revolver has only been possible thanks to the exploitation of the incomparable experience and the latest technologies of the Swiss watch and jewelery industry, on which its worldwide reputation rests,” they explain from the company.

For lovers of Charlont Heston or John Wayne level weapons, the company also allows them to get hold of the pistol in a gold edition and with rhinestones on stock and barrel.

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