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The smallest populated island in Spain reinforces its security for a post-pandemic avalanche of 300,000 tourists




The smallest populated island in Spain, Tabarca (Alicante), has reinforced surveillance by the Civil Guard in the face of an avalanche of more than 300,000 tourists scheduled for this summer, the first after the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, its residents are still waiting for the Generalitat Valenciana to attend to their long-standing demand for stable public transport.

The long-awaited return to normality in this community of fifty residents has been uneven beyond the end of the restrictions for health security, since a storm left them without electricity in April.

Specimen of bastard snake removed from the streets of Tabarca – ABC

Now, when the restaurants prepare to receive more visitors than usual, in the first summer holidays without mobility limitations since 2019, different Civil Guard specialists travel there daily to, among other missions, maintain citizen security of the island, of stable residents and tourists, as well as the protection of their property during their stay, the immediate response to emergencies that may arise, monitoring maritime traffic, control and surveillance of underwater activities, recreational activities , of events and parties on board ships that transport passengers, the surveillance of recreational boat sports competitions, and the protection of the natural environment of the island, considered a protected area, as reported by the Armed Institute in a statement.

Two agents of the Civil Guard on surveillance tasks on the island
Two agents of the Civil Guard on surveillance tasks on the island – ABC

In one of the first services carried out during the reinforcement that is already being provided on the island, last Friday, June 17, agents from the Nature Protection Service (Seprona) rescued a young specimen of Malpolon monspessulanus (bastard snake), approximately one meter long, which wandered the streets of the urban area of ​​Tabarca, before the astonished gaze of the visitors.

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People who saw her alerted officers. As it was a native specimen, which was in good condition, and had probably gotten lost, Seprona captured it unharmed, and moved it to an uncrowded place, where it was returned to its habitat.

Aerial view of Tabarca
Aerial view of Tabarca – Juan Carlos Soler

Anecdotes aside like this scare, the activity will be incessant in the coming weeks in Tabarca, where in addition to the constant flow of individuals and groups in boats from Santa Pola and Alicante, some events are planned that will fill the island with atmosphere.

For example, the XXVI edition of the ‘Tabarca Vela Diputación de Alicante’ regatta, which will take place from July 7 to 10 and is considered one of the most relevant in the Mediterranean, in which more than 500 sailors will meet.

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