Tuesday, February 27

The Spanish Climbing Cup to be held in the Plaza Mayor de Cáceres is postponed to November

The athlete Alberto Ginés in the Plaza Mayor of Cáceres. / Armando Mendez

The test, which was going to take place on September 10 and 11, will be held on November 5 and 6, due to the coincidence in dates with the World Cup

We will have to wait to see the Playa Mayor de Cáceres transformed into a great climbing wall. The Spanish Climbing Cup in the city, which will host elite athletes from the country, has had to delay the call to November since other international events overlapped.

The Spanish Federation of Mountain and Climbing Sports (FEDME) informs that the incorporation of a new sporting event within the World Cup has forced to delay the celebration of the third event of the Cup of Spain of Climbing of Block and Speed. This event, scheduled for September 10 and 11, will be delayed by two months. As agreed by the organization of this event, on November 5 and 6, the Plaza Mayor will become the enclave of this sporting event of great importance at the national level.

A few days ago the International Climbing Federation (IFSC) announced the celebration of a new test, included in the calendar of the World Cup of Difficulty and Speed ​​that will take place in Edinburgh, Great Britain. This is a decisive call for the world of Spanish climbing. It is an important qualifying route for the Olympic format event, which will take place in October in the Japanese city of Marioka.

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Alberto Ginés will be the protagonist of this event. The consistory will give him the medal of Favorite Son of the city

The celebration of the Spanish Climbing Cup is marked by the international calendar, having to be postponed until these great events are over. The Local Organization, the Culture Delegation of the Board and the City Council wish to have the greatest expectation for this event. One of the main reasons for this delay is that the institutions hope to be able to attract reference athletes from the national and international framework to this meeting.

This appointment with climbing has a protagonist, Alberto Ginés, the 19-year-old from Cáceres who managed to win a silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics. The young climber is currently qualified to compete in the final of the 2022 Climbing Championship in Munich. From the Consistory they want to take advantage of this celebration to recognize the athlete for his career and dedication and they will name him Favorite Son of the city.

A very important event for the city in a historic enclave that has been the scene of festivals, concerts, movies, series or television programs. Although it will be the second time that this place hosts a sporting event, having as a precedent the World Padel Tour championship in 2013. At the national level it is also a novelty, there has only been an equal celebration this year in the Plaza de España in Madrid.


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