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The spokesman for Cs de Rojales denies before the judge that he falsified casualties of the PP

Alejandro Bernabé, spokesperson for Cs de Rojales, on the left, with his lawyer in court.  |  INFORMATION

Alejandro Bernabé, spokesperson for Cs de Rojales, on the left, with his lawyer in court. | INFORMATION

The current spokesperson for Ciudadanos (Cs) in Rojales, Alejandro Bernabé, he went on Thursday to testify as being investigated (previously accused) for an alleged crime of falsification of a private document and disclosure of secrets typified in the Penal Code with penalties of between three and six years in prison. The Court of Instruction 4 of Torrevieja, which has taken up the case after several postponements due to covid 19, is investigating whether Bernabé presented falsified documents for the dismissal of popular militants before the local PP of Rojales. Casualties that he presented to the local group shortly before the 2019 municipal electoral campaign, supposedly to pressure the PP, as a show of force of his influence in the party so that this formation would elect him as a candidate for Mayor. He did so days after the provincial leadership of the party informed the defendant that he was not going to be a candidate for mayor for popular formation. Finally, he was signed as mayor by Ciudadanos, a formation that achieved four councilors, compared to two from the PP.

In his statement, as confirmed by this newspaper, he maintained that “he has never committed the acts charged against him,” although, when asked by the judge and the prosecution, he incurred several contradictions. For example, he denied that he delivered a list with signatures, but at the same time acknowledged that he provided a portfolio with rubrics to the party president “requesting removal.” Alejandro Bernabé, who has not commented on his statement to this newspaper, insisted in his statement that the complaint has been filed with the aim of “disabling him and taking away the only salary with which he supports his family.”

The matter denounced him a militant of the PP from Rojales after verifying that his name appeared in a list of casualties of the PP. He denies having signed a document, presumably presented by Bernabé in April, requesting his removal from the PP. Along with this, the defendant would have delivered to the president of the local PP, Susana Chazarra, another 43 documents with the rubrics of popular activists who, according to what he was told, asked to leave the party.

The complainant assures that the document presented by Bernabé is false, since he did not have knowledge of it, nor had he asked him to process the discharge because, according to the complaint, he did not know it. In addition, he ensures that the signature that appears is not his and is allegedly forged.

To corroborate this, it has undergone the test of a handwriting expert who concludes that the signature that appears on the document requesting his withdrawal from the local PP is not his. Another 13 affiliates who appear on that list of casualties have come to testify as witnesses in recent months. All have confirmed that their name appears next to a false signature and that they did not withdraw from the party.

According to the complaint against Alejandro Bernabé, he presented to the management of his expartido the 44 losses of affiliates of the PP, with their DNI or affiliation number, -15% of the census of militants, which exceeds 300- to be processed, something that corresponds to the provincial leadership of the party, which currently maintains these casualties on hold until this matter is clarified .

The local PP, which has been presented as a popular accusation as injured, then asked the defendant for the DNI of all the people who allegedly processed their departure as party affiliates to verify their authenticity, although they were not provided.

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