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The stepmother who poisoned her husband’s children for money and blamed her own for the crimes

The Civil Police of Rio Janeiro, Brazil, have charged Cíntia Mariano Cabral (48 years old) with the death of her stepdaughter and the attempted murder of her stepson.

Fernanda Cabral, 22, died in March of this year, and Cíntia is in prison for the crime. According to the police, she is suspected of poisoning the young woman and deliberately trying to intoxicate her brotherBruno Cabral, 16 years old.

Fernanda’s body was exhumed on May 26 to find out if she had been poisoned. The report of the Legal Medical Institute (IML) carried out after the exhumation concluded that there was poisoning.

Another forensic report, which also came to light earlier this month, confirmed that Bruno was poisoned in a similar way. IML experts identified lead poisoning and two other types of toxic compounds in the collected gastric material.

Those were the tests that the Civil Police expected to link Cíntia with Fernanda’s death, in addition to Bruno’s poisoning. With this confirmation, the Police want to convert the Cíntia prison from temporary to preventive.

Fernanda and Bruno were children of their father’s second marriage, Adeilson Cabral (a bookseller), with another businesswoman, Jane Carvalho. The young woman had lived for a year in the house that her father shared with her third wife: Cíntia.

One day in March Fernanda began to feel bad. She suffered from agonizing breathing, vomiting, alterations in the respiratory system and diarrhoea, but the doctors could not find a diagnosis. Thirteen days after being admitted, she Fernanda died. It was March 28, 2022. Her cause of death was multi-organ failure.

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Apparently the coexistence between Cíntia and her stepchildren was not good since the young people had moved to the house that their father shared with their stepmother. Bruno went back to live with his mother. Fernanda, on the other hand, stayed because she got along very well with Cíntia’s children and had just started working in her father’s business.

Just two months after Fernanda’s admission to the hospital, Bruno also began to feel unwell when he was visiting his father’s house. During a meal the boy noticed something strange and when he returned to his mother’s house he tried to vomit.

“When I saw his eyes go back I thought of poisoning and I called his father! They both came home at the same time, he and the stepmother, and I yelled at her in her face what did you put in the food! », Recalls the teenager’s mother, Jane.

Jane asked to speak to the doctor alone and warned him that there could be poisoning. That was vital. She immediately underwent gastric lavage and was given antidotes to reverse the symptoms.

With Bruno’s medical results, the clinic informed the police and suspicions began to fall on the stepmother. Agents found rat poison prohibited for domestic use in the kitchen of his home.

Cíntia, when cornered, chose to accuse her biological son of having been the poisoner of the brothers. But the young man publicly incriminated his mother in a letter posted on Instagram: “Yes, I delivered my mother. She confessed it to me. She told the police everything. She did what she had to do ».

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“I think it was all about money. If my two children died, all his money would go to her and her own children.. She never loved him, because no person she loves does such cruelty: she kills a daughter and after two months she tries to kill the son », says Jane.

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