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The steps you should do before deleting your Facebook account

If you want to close your Facebook account, it is convenient that before doing so you carry out certain actions so that everything is completely eliminated and in a safe place. These are highly recommended actions.

The truth is that Facebook dominated everything that were social networks until some time ago, at which time it gradually fell in front of others, especially among the youngest.

For those younger people, both Instagram and TikTok have managed to reach more and even many of them do not even have a Facebook account.

In addition to all this, the scandals in which the social network and its president Mark Zuckerberg have been involved have not helped anything to relaunch the popularity of Facebook, what’s more, it has served the opposite.

Another thing that has done a lot of damage to the company is the constant fake news that appeared and continues to appear on the social network. When measures began to be taken, they may have been insufficient and excessively late.

Many users have been considering gradually disappearing from a social network, which is not growing anywhere near what it was growing years ago.

If you are one of them, you should have found certain things before deleting it completely, some that may have gone unnoticed, but that are important.

What is clear is that deleting the Facebook account is something that is not complicated at all, but you must not forget to carry out previous actions, which we are going to tell you about.

Disconnect all applications associated with Facebook

One of the things that any Facebook user has been using the most and that has also brought a good number of new partners. is the fact of being able to register applications of all kinds with just push the social network button.

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In this way the particular app was syncing with Facebook and there was no need to put an email, or create a password, or anything like that. Everything turned out and turns out, since they continue to work, really very comfortable.

Anyway, before disable access to Facebook for these appsit would be convenient, especially in those that we continue to use, that we change the synchronization in the application itself.

This is convenient, if the synchronization with Facebook is used to save where we were going, for example, in a game.

Now it is time to remove the access of apps to Facebook and we will do it this way. We recommend doing it on a computer because it will be easier for us.

  • We start the session on Facebook.
  • Now that we are in the social network, we click on our profile picture to launch a window where we must click on Settings and privacy.
  • Next, we click on Settings.
  • We will see how a good number of options appear on the left side. Let’s click on Apps and websites.
  • Then you will see on the right side how all the applications that have been linked to Facebook appear, some of them active and others expired.
  • Now we click on Get rid of in each of the apps that we have synchronized.
  • After that we will get a window in which we read that Facebook is going to inform the company of the application that we have removed it and what about youpublications, videos or events that are in the biography will also be deleted. Marking each option or not is up to each one, although if we are going to delete Facebook, the publications will be deleted just the same.
  • You have the option to go to the bottom and where it says preferencesthere is an option that puts Apps, websites and games. Well, if we click on deactivate, it will deactivate everything automatically.
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Copy of our data

The next step before closing our Facebook account is to ask the social network to provide us with a backup of everything we have done on it.

We can download photos, videos or texts that we have been putting. This equates to a good number of years in many cases, so the volume can be quite large.

  • Log in on Facebook on our computer.
  • We press again on the photo of our profile, we access Configuration and securitythen click on Setting.
  • Now is the time to enter Your Facebook information.
  • We click on Watch beside Download your information.
  • In format we leave HTMLas multimedia content we must leave high and in date range we must put From the beginningunless we have ever done this or want to start on a certain date.
  • Now inside the section Select the information you want to download, we should select everything. It will be a lot of information and a lot of storage, but it is the way to keep everything that has happened
  • Finally, we click on request download.
  • From now on, Facebook will collect all our information, sending us an email when everything is ready to download.
  • We advise you to be patient, because it will not take five minutes to send us this file, but we are talking about days, and the more information, the larger the resulting file will be.

How to delete a Facebook account?

Now that we know what the steps prior to deletion are, it’s time to close our Facebook account permanently.

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Since we have already made the decision, the steps are as follows

  • We log in of Facebook from the computer.
  • Then we click on the photo of our profile and the possibility of clicking on Settings and privacy then do the same in Setting.
  • We click on Your Facebook information in the left column.
  • Now we will see how several options appear on the right side of which we must look and click on Deactivation and removal.
  • In the next window that appears we have two options, one is Deactivate the account (temporarily the account will not appear until we activate it again), while the other option is Delete account, which is the one we are interested in and will delete all trace on Facebook definitively.
  • Once selected, we just have to click on Go to account deletion.
  • We click on Delete accounttype the password, and then click Continue.

You should keep in mind that if less than 30 days have passed since you started the account deletion and you have regretted it, you can always reverse the process. If those days have passed, there will be no solution and the account will be permanently deleted.

The process of deleting content on the social network takes a maximum of 90 days from when the deletion of the account was requested.

So now you have all the necessary information to delete your Facebook account and what you must prepare beforehand.

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