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The STEPV rejects the statements of Education on teachers and demands the closure of educational centers due to the temporary

Archive image of a school in Alicante

Archive image of a school in Alicante

The Ministry of Education yesterday made some statements in the press where it asks teachers “to assume the responsibility that corresponds to them” in the face of the criticism that has been poured during these days for keeping the schools open in this cold wave. For its part, the Union of Education Workers of the Valencian Country (STEPV) considers these statements “unacceptable” because “the teachers have shown more than obvious signs during this pandemic of responsibility, dedication and professionalism.”

The accused indicates through a statement that “andhe Valencian teachers have been making an extraordinary effort since March to guarantee the right to education of its students and to serve families. It has done it, like many other workers, in very adverse conditions and, many times, without the necessary means or the support of the Valencian educational administration “.

They also state that “the statements of the Ministry of Education are a contempt and lack of respect for the teaching community. Some statements that go against the right to education and health of our students and that violate the legislation on occupational health and safety “.

The STEPV, in the same statement, indicates that “the only ones who have not assumed their responsibilities are the leaders of the Ministry of Education that they have always arrived late, that they have not deployed the necessary means when they were playing and that now, for reasons far from pedagogical, educational and health criteria, they have decided keep open the schools in conditions that impede the normal development of classes“.

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For all this, STEPV demands an immediate rectification by the Marzà, the closure of the centers for the duration of the storm, in addition to the delivery to the schools of all the necessary protection material and the convocation of the participation and negotiation bodies to address the situation. In that sense, the Union claims “more dialogue and negotiation by the Ministry of Education to address the complex and complicated times that we are living. “On the other hand, the union points out that” the Valencian educational administration has made decisions that do not have the support of the majority of teachers or of the majority of union representation and, not only this, is also dedicated to question the professionalism and responsibility of the staff who work when they demand the closure of educational centers and more medium protection centers“.

STEPV insists that they bet on face-to-face education, but what “the Covid-19 binomial and the need to ventilate the classrooms following the protocols provided by the health authorities, together with the cold wave we are experiencing, is making it impossible to teach normally, both for teachers, and especially for students who have to stay for many hours in classrooms with extreme temperatures, which contradict all current occupational health and safety regulations. That is why teachers’ protests are totally legitimate. Some protests to which there are families and students who have also joined. A test is the data of absences in the last two days that have been facilitated by the school directors themselves“, they sentence.

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