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The stoppage of the use of AstraZeneca sinks the Consell’s vaccination plan

The objective of the Generalitat Valenciana was to give a boost to these figures starting this week, when the vaccination of teachers began, for whom the AstraZeneca vaccine was intended. Only this week it was planned to administer 159,000 doses in the Valencian Community, almost half to the teaching staff. The vaccination of this huge group began this Monday in Valencia, but was interrupted two hours later, when the Ministry of Health decided to join other neighboring countries and cancel the vaccination with AstraZeneca for two weeks after detecting cases of thrombi in people who they have received it. In the province of Alicante the vaccination of the 40,000 teachers was to begin on Thursday.

Temporary measure

Late in the afternoon, the Ministry of Health distributed an audio message from the Minister Ana Barceló in which she stated that the suspension of vaccination with AstraZeneca “It is temporary and for the essential time until it can be resumed”. Barceló wanted to reassure people who have already received this vaccine. «The stoppage is due to a reason of prudence. The Spanish Medicines Agency will now evaluate the risks of this vaccine. Barceló assured that in the Valencian Community there has been no evidence of adverse effects of this vaccine and assured that vaccination “is the best hope and the greatest asset against the covid.” Last Friday, the Ministry had to paralyze a batch of these vaccines after serious adverse reactions had been detected in several countries of the European Union.

The Ministry of Health ensures that no adverse drug reactions have been reported


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The British vaccine began to be distributed in Spain on February 9. So far, 181,300 doses of this vaccine have reached the Valencian Community, without Health having wanted to specify how many injectables have been distributed in the province of Alicante. The vaccines from this laboratory have been destined for the security forces (7,000 people in the province), the second line of private health and pharmacists (about 1,500 in the province). Also to people in a situation of dependency and their caregivers. In recent days, mutuals had begun to immunize physiotherapists, speech therapists and clinical psychologists with this vaccine. In all these groups, those under 55 years of age were being vaccinated with AstraZeneca, since this vaccine is not indicated for the elderly. This week it was also planned to start the vaccination with AstraZeneca of the workers of the Home Help Service and of primary care of the social services of the municipalities.

The stoppage of vaccination with AstraZeneca is a real setback for a vaccination process that has not yet taken off due to a lack of doses. There is still a good part of the group of people over 80 years old to receive the first dose, as well as part of the staff of private clinics and small medical centers.

Regarding the vaccination of the elderly, as highlighted by different health centers consulted by this newspaper, Pfizer vaccines for the first doses continue to arrive at a dropper, which is causing that there is still a high number of people over 80 years to give the first injection. Most of the doses that arrive are destined to ensure the second dose to those over 90 who were vaccinated three weeks ago. As this newspaper has been able to verify, in some health centers in the city of Alicante, patients have even been called to cancel their appointment due to lack of vaccines.

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