Tuesday, June 15

The story behind the dramatic photo of an elderly Venezuelan woman who crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico to the US in the arms of a young man.

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Venezuelan crossing the Rio Grande with a woman in his arms.

Image source, Reuters


This is the moment when the young man carry the old woman in his arms.

“It is a very tragic scene: they carried her in their arms because she could not cross alone. You really could tell that she needed medical help.”

This is what the journalist Jorge Ventura, of the American newspaper Daily Caller, recounts, who witnessed the moment in which a young Venezuelan carried an old woman in his arms while crossing the Rio Grande on May 26, on the border between the United States and the United States. Mexico.

The image of the two migrants crossing the river, taken by photographer Go, from the Reuters agency, has been around the world.

Ventura told BBC Mundo that the woman was accompanied by a large group of Venezuelans who this week tried to cross the border to enter the United States.


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