Friday, August 19

The story of Esmeralda Millán, a victim of the acid attacks in Mexico: “He told me that if I was not his, it would not belong to anyone. I left him and he attacked me”

  • Ana Gabriela Rojas
  • BBC Mundo special in Mexico

Esmeralda Millán

Image source, Ana Gabriela Rojas


Esmeralda Millán suffered an acid attack in Puebla, Mexico.

Esmeralda Millán was 23 years old in December 2018 when she was attacked with acid in Puebla, Mexico. Her ex-partner and father of her two children is accused and detained for attempted femicide.

There is no official information on how many women have suffered this type of violence in Mexico. But the groups that support the victims are aware of 26 attacks, of which six have occurred so far this year.

“Like all violence against women, these attacks increased with confinement,” says Norma Celia Bautista Romero, director of Humanismo y Legidad, an NGO in favor of gender equality.

“This type of aggression has a very symbolic charge. It wants to harm the woman and everything she represents. It is wanted to be rejected, marked for life. Generate permanent physical and psychological suffering, “he explains.

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