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The strange contagion by covid of Djokovic in December

  • According to the Serbian star’s lawyers, on December 16 he tested positive in a PCR but the next day he attended a public ceremony without a mask.

  • On December 14, the Estrella Roja-Barça basketball team followed and was photographed with Barça players.

Gluten-free food (the tennis player is celiac), a laptop and a mobile card. These are the three small victories that Novak Djokovic has achieved before the Australian authorities. He is also allowed to do physical exercises, but without leaving the Melbourne hotel turned into a detention center for people without the proper papers to enter the oceanic country. The number one in world tennis is held there.

These concessions, according to information collected by the local Melbourne press, have come after a conversation between the Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and the Australian Foreign Minister, Marise payne. However, the request of the head of the Serbian Government, who requested that her compatriot be transferred to a more luxurious hotel with tennis courts so that she could train, was not honored. Djokovic will know tomorrow if a Melbourne judge heeds his requests to be able to play the Australian Open from January 17, the first Grand Slam of the season, where the Serbian star aspires to a tenth victory.

Vox solidarity

Meanwhile, he continues his confinement at the Park Hotel in Melbourne. Djokovic It has become something of a symbol of the anti-vaccines celebrating their fight for “freedom” in many messages that appear on social networks. And even the political support of extreme parties, such as Vox, in Spain. Several parliamentarians from the far-right formation have expressed their solidarity with the tennis player.

A Djokovic That, however, has the rejection of local fans, according to testimonies collected by the newspaper ‘The Age’, which can lead to a hostile environment in the stands, in the event that he finally gets permission to play the Melbourne tournament.

The australian federation

And to compete in the Australian Open the team of lawyers hired by Djokovic in Australia he is trying to prove the legality of the medical exemption he obtained on December 30 and signed by the medical officer of the Australian Tennis Federation (Tennis Australia). According to the lawyers who attend the Serbian star, the exemption was based on a PCR performed on the tennis player on December 16 with a positive result, which indicated a contagion of Djokovic that allowed him to travel to Australia despite not being vaccinated due to having suffered from the disease in the last six months.

But was it Djokovic really infected? It is the great doubt, the veracity or not of the positive. On December 17, a day after the alleged positive CRP, Djokovic attended a public event in Belgrade. It was to be the image on a postage stamp. The tennis player posted a message on Twitter in which he expressed his satisfaction with the initiative and appeared in a photograph without a mask, something strange 24 hours after knowing that he was infected with the virus.

Two days before the PCR test defended by the lawyers of Djokovic, the tennis player attended as a guest the Euroleague match that Barça played against the Red Star of Belgrade, with a 69-76 Barça victory. At the end of the meeting Djokovic He was photographed with several players, including Nigel Hayes-Davis. Barça reported on December 16 (the day of Djokovic’s positive PCR, according to his lawyers) that the American forward had fallen ill with covid, one of the first affected in the tsunami of infections that devastated the Barça squad.

Likewise, Djokovic’s lawyers affirm that on January 1, the Australian Immigration Department determined that the file presented by the tennis player met all the requirements and that therefore he did not need to carry out the mandatory quarantine.

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Among the few tennis players who have shown solidarity with Djokovic figure the french Pierre-Hugues Herbert, a great doubles specialist with titles at Roland Garros, Wimbledon and Australia. Herbert, contrary to the vaccine, he has given up traveling to Australia. “I spoke with him and we felt very alone in the circuit. We have seen athletes with strange reactions after the vaccines,” he said in the newspaper ‘L’Équipe’.

For her part, the Czech Renata Voracova, held at the hotel in Djokovic Due to problems with his vaccine, he left Australia yesterday.

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