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“The students are too stimulated and we must make them aware of the here and now”

The winners of these awards will be announced on the 15th. Consuelo Maciá Castillo has been working on the emotional intelligence in the classroom.

How do you rate your recent nomination for the awards for best teacher in Spain?

These awards represent a very important step in the educational field. Many professionals are betting on different methodologies and we innovate in education so that students can follow a guide. It is the way to improve socially and professionally. I have been working on emotional intelligence in the classroom for ten years. Students need scientific knowledge but also emotional skills that allow them to move through society and respond to the new challenges that emerge.

Why do you say the awards are an important step?

Because they promote educational quality and the search for innovation and excellence among teachers. They are the only awards in Spain that recognize good teaching practice from the opinion of the students. We are proposed by the students. That they recognize that we do something interesting, that motivates them and that they propose to you is an honor. From there, the platform assesses the merits of the teachers and on the 15th they will decide who is first in each of the categories.

What have been found in classrooms during the pandemic?

The students came to class very confused and scared. The situation we are experiencing has led to the development of new ways of interacting and a certain standardization. Now with the mask we no longer look at the lips but we have evolved through the look as an element of connection. The students are calmer and technology is helping them a lot. The proper use and dosage of it is something that families and teachers have to bear in mind.

Have young people adapted better than the adult population to the difficulties of the covid?

Young people have a brutal capacity to adapt, more than adults. They are creative and have developed new ways of relating. In the methodology of the classes there has been a radical change and there they have needed the intervention of teachers. All of these have been experienced as a conflict, but nature is wise and causes new ways of interacting to emerge, either through the gaze or technology, as we have commented previously.

The delivery of the awards will also be a meeting forum for teachers …

It is a wonder that we teachers are in the same boat. When I started working on emotional intelligence, I was alone, I seemed the weird one. Over time I have seen that more teachers work like me. We have gone from the traditional school to the innovative one. The figure of the student as an active protagonist of their growth is respected. The forums between teachers give us a lot of life to continue generating, motivating us and seeing that we are on the right path.

It has gone from the traditional school to the innovative one, in which the figure of the student is respected as an active protagonist »


What new tools are you introducing in the classroom?

Now I am using mindfulness. Students are too stimulated with data, technology and information and must be made aware of the here and now. It is the way that your senses are connected, that you focus, this is how learning happens. The content has to enter through the senses, be experienced and lived. We are having incredible results and that is the way we are betting hard and continuing.

At the beginning it said that emotional intelligence has been working for ten years. How has it evolved in this decade?

I am passionate about my profession, it is a source of energy. To this day, and humbly, I believe that I am reaping the fruits that I sowed in his time and took care of with care, patience and perseverance. The journey is long and we have to keep climbing to the top. I trust that I am on the right track and there is feedback with the students. They are happier and more relaxed. And that’s the way to seal long-term learning, it’s your secret.

Another four from Alicante are among the finalists

Apart from Consuelo Maciá Castillo, from IES 8 de Marzo de Alicante, four other teachers from the province are among the finalists for the best teacher in Spain, in the Educa Abanca awards. They are María Dolores Legidos Torregrosa, from the Fomento Aitana de Torrellano school; Bernardo Jareño Manclús, from CEIP Alberto Sols de Sax; Joaquín Marzà Mercé, from CP Hurchillo Manuel Riquelme, from Hurchillo, and María del Pilar Rico Rebolo, from Ideal Academy in Altea. In total, the Valencian Community has 14 representatives in the final.

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