Tuesday, May 24

The success of the Torrevieja consumer bond triggers the picaresque and exhausts the credit

More than 200 shops and restaurateurs adhered and adding. On the way to the equivalent of 250,000 euros in purchases in just two weeks, 125,000 euros of the grant of 500,000 available and with the forecast that in July the credit reserve for this first campaign will be exhausted, the good consumption it goes like an arrow. Victim of its own success, the City Council, promoter of the campaign to encourage purchases in small businesses, and the Aassociation of Small and Medium Businesses In charge of managing it, they already anticipate that the money available to buy bonds could run out this July. Remember, yes, that the vouchers can be consumed in any trade added on the website available until next September 31. There is time to spend them.

One of the advantages of this initiative is the agility of a process that does not leave room for bureaucracy. It is easy, It is managed through a website and paid online by card or by bizum. The bonuses reach the mobile immediately. The merchants they don’t even think about it when a customer presents the voucher code. They know that they will receive the difference of the discount that they apply at the end of the week.

But that relaxation in control has also caused the “ready” to appear. The Torrevieja City Council offers the possibility of buying bonds worth 50 euros in the store – most of the purchases are being made with the acquisition of five ten-euro bonds at once-, which allow you to buy in the establishment for products valued at double. For example, a dinner of 20 euros costs 10 voucher through. For a purchase worth 100 euros you only pay 50 in bonds.

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And that’s where the picaresque. The only requirement to obtain the voucher is to register a name and a DNI. And there are already collecting personal identifications of family, friends and even people who do not know that someone is going to use their ID. As long as the owner of the voucher presents the code, which is how the establishment redeems it, it is not usually verified that the holder of the vouchers corresponds to the person making the purchase, and many merchants are not requesting the DNI. Another strategy to get the most out of the bonus is to add several – from all the family and friends – to make purchases more substantial than usual. The same equation is fulfilled: as long as the merchant or the restaurateur receives the 50% difference that they discount to their customers, welcome are the bonuses from which they come as they stimulate purchases after months of hardship.

In view of the success obtained by an important sector of the local productive fabric, it considers that the initiative should have been carried out after the third wave, with the de-escalation, and not at this time, when the influx of residential tourism, especially the national one, expected similar to 2019.

A focus of attention outside the large area

The municipal initiative, which is managed through the page torrevieja.bonoconsumo.es, has allowed to divert the attention minimally of the residents and tourists of Torrevieja, who usually buy in large stores in the city and Orihuela Costa, towards local commerce, that at the moment, has not raised prices. The City Council wants to repeat in the last quarter of the year.

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