Saturday, October 16

The successful flip-flop market that a 14-year-old boy invented in Venezuela

  • Jose Carlos Cueto
  • BBC News World

Andrés López finishing off one of his cholas, made mainly of rubber.

Image source, Courtesy of Carla Cabrera

In the Venezuela of scarcity, the adolescent Andrés López challenges precariousness with ingenuity.

He’s only 14 years old, but skill to spare. With his hands he assembles flip flops, ‘cholas’, as he calls them, using discarded materials.

For the sole it uses tire rubber. First quarte, then mold. Sews with needles drawn from women’s heels. It is painstaking work.

“There were people here, in Ciudad Bolívar, who already made them. But they were crooked. They fit me straight“, he says, with satisfaction, to BBC Mundo.

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