Saturday, October 1

The summer courses of the UEx return to face-to-face

Presentation of the courses, this morning.

The university offers 27 courses, the same number as in the last two years

27 courses will be the training offer that the University of Extremadura will offer within the XXIII edition of its International Summer-Autumn Courses. This is an identical number to that of the last two editions. In the presentation, carried out this morning in Badajoz, the rector of the UEx, Antonio Hidalgo García; the vice-rector for university extension of the UEx, Juan Carlos Iglesias Zoido; and the director of the secretariat for cultural activities of the UEx, María Antonia Pardo Fernández.

“The courses are part of what is called the complementary curriculum, those issues that do not appear in the study plans or, due to their recent appearance, need a differentiated treatment,” declared Juan Carlos Iglesias Zoido. These courses are organized into five axes, “the Yuste campus courses, the axis of the anniversaries that are celebrated this year, which have an important role; the reflection on the future of Extremadura, the axis of the rural environment and what we have called the classic courses”, stressed Zoido.

On this occasion, the UEx has made a firm commitment to attendance, given that only two of the courses are held entirely in virtual format. Even so, many of the face-to-face courses can be followed through networks or specific dissemination channels, which increases their dissemination and enrollment, the UEx collects in a note.

In this new edition there is a very high percentage of courses linked to the humanistic field “but also to very current issues that make them especially attractive.” There are courses related to climate change, entrepreneurship, economy and Extremaduran society; others focused on various aspects such as teaching methodologies, technical advances in specific fields of knowledge, women or young people in the current context.

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The training offer is maintained between the months of June and October, but it is concentrated, as usual, in the months of July and especially September, a month of intense teaching activity that has been increasing in recent years.

This edition of the courses will also be accompanied by other cultural events, among which the closing concert of the VII Almendralejo Jazz Seminar stands out, one of the best-known national and international musical events of this genre; the dance show offered by the UEx Dance Classroom at the Gran Teatro de Cáceres, directed and choreographed by Pablo Molero on its twenty-fifth anniversary, as well as the closing concert of this XXIII edition of the courses by the Coro de la UEx, which will be offered in November in connection with the cultural program of the Ages of Man in Plasencia.

Finally, also part of the university’s summer and autumn activities, the exhibition of photographs from the UEx stands out, which can be seen at the Mérida University Center from September and throughout the month of October. The exhibition montage, which has already toured the other three university campuses in Extremadura, offers a large group of award-winning and selected photographs in the photography contest organized by the UEx.

These courses and activities will be distributed throughout the Extremaduran geography, calling, in addition to the capitals of both provinces, in towns such as Moraleja, Brozas, Almorchón, Fregenal de la Sierra or Almendralejo.

To increase the dissemination and impact of these courses and facilitate registration from anywhere, this year all the information related to them (dates, programs, speakers, enrollment, modifications, etc.) can be followed through the APP Symposium and the platform Events management.

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