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The superfood they recommend taking before bed to eliminate sugar and lose up to five kilos in 30 days

The ingredient they advise to avoid to lose up to five kilos in 30 days

The ingredient they advise to avoid to lose up to five kilos in 30 days

More and more consolidated in our diet due to its multiple Benefits, the ginger is the root of a flowering plant that belongs to the family of the zingiberáceas, just like turmeric or cardamom. It has a spicy flavor and aroma, with an intense citrus and fresh touch.

It is a plant widely used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. It is native to Southeast Asia, although it is now common to find it anywhere in the world. In fact, the main producers are not only Asian countries (China, India, Nepal or Bangladesh), but also others like Jamaica.

Ginger can be taken in many ways: fresh, dry, powder… It is used mainly in the gastronomy, but also in the world of cosmetics. This is because it has a large number of health benefits thanks, above all, to one of its most important components: el gingerol. Gingerol is an essential oil that gives ginger its spicy flavor and is the active compound responsible for most of its medicinal properties. In addition, it contains many other nutrients, as raw is rich in minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium or phosphorus and in certain vitamins, such as C, B2, B3 and B6.

Helps reduce levels of sugar in the blood. Recent studies suggest that it increases insulin levels and helps reduce blood sugar levels. Although more research is needed to confirm this discovery, it is very important that diabetics always consult with their doctor before consume ginger frequently.

Lose weight

When it comes to losing weight and wanting to follow a healthier routine, there is a maxim that you must be very clear about and that is practically always fulfilled: miracle diets. It is true that starting to lose those extra kilos is a difficult and tedious routine, especially for those who have never been to diet what just they exercise. Patience and being constant in eating are two fundamental pillars on the way to slimming. Also, you should keep in mind that exercising is as important as eating well. Be careful, this does not mean that you should spend countless hours running on a treadmill or elliptical machine or sacrifice your leisure time in the gym. There are different routines that you can do without leaving home and with which you will notice incredible results.

However, when starting a healthy routine There is only one food that you must remove from your diet in order to achieve optimal results. Its about sugar. By banishing this product from your diet you will lose weight, up to five kilos in a single month. What foods are the main ones that you should eliminate? Sugary drinks, pastries, industrial products. Taking care of eating the most important meals of the day such as breakfast translates into surprising short-term results.

Eating healthy is not synonymous with eating only lettuce and tomato salads or starving all the time. There are many low-calorie foods that are a fundamental ally to cope with the diet and use as a snack between meals.


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