Saturday, October 23

The Supreme Court confirms 20 years in prison for the author of the “suitcase crime” in Zaragoza

Trial for the crime of the suitcase.  / FILE

Trial for the crime of the suitcase. / FILE

The Supreme Court has confirmed the conviction of 20 years in prison for Jonathan WB for the murder of a man with whom he agreed to a sexual encounter through a telephone application, in what became known in Zaragoza as “suitcase crime“.

The Criminal Chamber has issued a sentence in which dismisses the appeal of the convicted person and ratifies the sentences which they considered proven that the defendant killed a transporter at his home in the Aragonese capital on December 14, 2018 with whom he had made an appointment for an application to have sexual relations, to whom he gave 21 hammer blows on the head and face.

The Supreme understands that both the Zaragoza Court and the Aragon Superior Court of Justice did not violate the presumption of innocence of the defendant by pointing out that he intentionally killed his victim, while they were having sexual relations, attacking her from behind with a hammer, breaking her head, and splashing the room where these events took place with blood.

And, it continues, ending with put the body in a suitcase to later try to find an alibi, which collapsed due to the multiple contradictions it incurred.

La Sal dismisses the appellant’s allegations regarding the fact that their statements that the material authorship was the work of a third party had not been taken into consideration, and highlights, on the contrary, that the test was enough and that the jury rationally rejected the attribution of responsibility to a third party.

The judge dismissed those arguments of the defendant by the positioning of mobile phones; the initial admission of authorship by the accused; the mechanics of the facts, which squares with such an admission of facts; the technical investigation reports of the acting police officers; the crossing of data from the mobile phone of that third party, whom you want to involve in the events; and the creation of red herrings by said person.

In the sentence, a presentation by Judge Julián Sánchez Melgar, it is emphasized that “not only can the non-existence of a third person be specified when the events occur on the afternoon of December 14, 2018 for the aforementioned and that the Police conclude in a rational and exhaustive manner, but also by the conclusions of the forensic expertise and the detailed report that they make in this regard in the Plenary “.

“In such a way that the evidence practiced, of undoubted incriminating content, together with the defendant’s attempt to evade the action of justice by creating the excuse of attributing the death caused by him to a third party through the ruse of creating false evidence and clues, as well as the special violence of aggression with repeated up to 21 blows with a hammer on the head of someone who was lying face down on a bed justify “the sentence, he adds.

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