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The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom rules in favor of Juan Guaid in the trial on gold reserves


The famous 30 tons of gold will continue in London. It is one of the key issues in the fight that the opposition continues to decide the future of the presidency in charge.

Juan Guaid
Juan Guaid greets his followers in Caracas.Rayner Pea R.EFE
  • Amrica Mature cow Venezuela of gold and coltn to get dollars and avoid sanctions

New judicial victory for the Venezuelan opposition in the process that is being followed in London by the international gold reserves of the oil country. The Supreme Judicial Court of the United Kingdom has endorsed the recognition of the presidency in charge, headed by Juan Guaid, made in 2019 by the British government and confirmed on different occasions by Boris Johnson’s cabinet.

“The courts of this jurisdiction are bound by the principle of one voice to accept the statements of the executive that establish that Mr. Guaid is recognized as interim constitutional president of Venezuela and that Maduro is not recognized as president of Venezuela for any purpose,” The Court ruled in the case known as the Maduro Board against the Guaid Board.

In this way, the now famous 30 tons of gold from Venezuelan reserves, valued at more than one billion dollars, will continue in london, at least for now. This is one of the key issues in the fight that the opposition itself is following at this time to decide the future of the presidency in charge. Everything points to Guaid, supported by the United States, remaining at the helm of the interim government for at least 2022.

The Court has admitted Guaid’s appeal and has forwarded the case to a lower court, the Commercial Court, which must review the decisions made in Venezuela by the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), one of the most powerful tentacles of the revolution. .

“We recognize and respect the rule of law that prevails in the United Kingdom and in the litigation for the control of the reserves of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) in the United Kingdom. We will undertake with dedication the next phase of the trial to prove the illegality of the decisions made by Maduro’s Supreme Court against the Ad-Hoc board of the BCV and to achieve its ignorance by the UK courts, “Guaid reacted after hearing the judicial resolution.

Maduro’s TSJ acts as a tireless hammer against the opposition and the democratic Parliament of 2015 at the service of the interests of Nicols Maduro through all its sentences. His last intervention, after the regional elections of 21-N, has forced a repetition in Barinas, the cradle of the revolution, to prevent the historic triumph of the opposition Freddy Superlano.

The opposition strategy now happens because the BCV appointed by the presidency in charge finally take over the gold reserves so that they do not fall into the hands of the Bolivarian revolution. In their lawsuit, Maduro’s lawyers assure that This gold will serve to alleviate the serious economic crisis that Venezuela suffers. It has been precisely the millionaire clandestine sale of gold reserves in Caracas and the contraband gold extracted from the Bolvar state mines that has allowed the Bolivarian regime to maintain part of its economic and political machine.

“We have achieved a great victory for Venezuela in a trial for the gold deposited in the Bank of England. The gold is safe out of reach of Maduro. The Supreme Court has just decided that the British government’s recognition of Guaid as head of state is legitimate, “said Isadora Zubillaga, head of interim government diplomacy since the controversial resignation of Julio Borges.

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