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The Supreme Court rules in favor of senior engineers in their “battle” with technical engineers

Representatives of the Colleges of Engineers of the Valencian Community

Representatives of the Colleges of Engineers of the Valencian Community

A new ruling from the Supreme Court once again gives the reason to senior engineers as professionals of a regulated profession which, after the Bologna Plan, must be accessed with a degree, plus the corresponding University Master’s Degree of a Qualifying nature in clear difference with engineers technicians, who must only have a qualifying degree. “This ruling number 316/2021 of the Supreme Court dismantles, completely, the unfounded campaign that technical engineers have underway and that seeks to equate both professions in the reform of the Valencian Public Function Law”, they affirm from the official schools of engineers.

Thus, the ruling that establishes jurisprudence, highlights that “university degrees in Engineering”, specifies “they do not constitute an enabling title for access to the special body because it has assigned functions related to those of a specific profession or professional activity. , as is the case of those related to the exercise of the regulated profession of engineer ”, and ends“ whose exercise requires a Master’s degree or equivalent ”.

The sentence has been made public after nine Official Associations of Engineers of the Valencian Community have closed ranks around the profession of engineer with a clear defense of the Valencian Public Function Law (LFPV), since the distinction is in accordance with the norm that is carried out between group A1 and A2 in a joint communiqué. And therefore, against the advertising campaign that technical engineers have carried out in recent days.

In this case, ruling 316/2021 rules in favor of the Official College of Agricultural Engineers of Extremadura and stipulates the path that judges must follow in this regard. The Official College of Agronomic Engineers of Extremadura appealed against the resolution of the Junta de Extremadura that equated technical engineers with superiors, alluding to the fact that only a bachelor’s degree was necessary to qualify for positions in a civil service competition of the A class.

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The judges have therefore ruled that applicants for A1 engineering positions must have a qualifying university degree and Master’s degree, a situation defended by senior engineers as it conforms to the norm.

Explanatory letters of the situation

In fact, and before the campaign initiated by the technical engineers, the president of the Federation of Associations of Industrial Engineers of Spain, Luciano María Azpiazu, has sent letters clarifying this situation, both to the president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, and to the spokespersons of the parties with representation in Les Corts Valencianes.

The dean of the Official College of Industrial Engineers of the Valencian Community, Salvador Puigdengolas highlights that the Valencian Public Function Law “It does not contradict the current contribution levels of the TGSS or the Tax Agency, nor the framework of regulated professions of the current regulatory framework, and maintains the professional levels of Engineer (for those who have current Bachelor’s degrees plus an enabling University Master’s degree) as Technical Engineer (for those who only have the current qualifying University Degree title) ”.

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