Monday, October 18

The Supreme Court rules out that the Torrevieja City Council redevelop “Torreta III”

Aerial image of Torreta III, next to the pink lagoon of Torrevieja.

Aerial image of Torreta III, next to the pink lagoon of Torrevieja.

The Administrative Litigation Chamber of the Supreme Court has ended with the last possibility that a judicial resolution will force the Torrevieja City Council to assume the redevelopment of Torreta III. The hope opened with the sentence in the first instance during the previous mandate, which urged the City Council to assume the works to provide decent basic services to the residential, first vanished in the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJ), where the current government maintained its appeal, and later with the inadmissibility of the appeal before the Supreme of the neighbors.

Juan Chapapría, a lawyer who defends the neighbors in their claim, had filed an incident of nullity on the resolution that rejected the admission of the appeal. Legal action that has also been rejected. Chapapría assures that they already considered the judicial process exhausted and that the neighbors took advantage of the possibility that the Supreme Court ruling already raised so that “an extrajudicial agreement with the administration” could be reached. The residents demanded an investment in the residential of 9 million euros that, for now, will be reduced to “4 or 5 million euros” to address asphalt, lighting, sanitation network and drinking water, among other services. According to the lawyer, Mayor Eduardo Dolón (PP) expressed just two weeks ago, again, his commitment also pointed out through an “electoral contract” in campaign that the City Council would take charge of the financing and awarding of the works of redevelopment in Torreta III. An urbanization authorized at the end of the 70s and that was built with enormous deficiencies in basic services, without its main green area, and without, as has happened in the history of local urban management for decades, the municipality demanding responsibilities from the builder, in this case, Mass. Many inland streets remain unpaved while the sewer collectors cannot be repaired because they were laid under the houses themselves. The area has been degraded with illegal housing occupations. In this urbanization, -the situation is even worse in Torreta II but there is no one to represent them- basic services leave much to be desired and illegal works proliferate without the restitution of urban legality orders being enforced. It is an out-of-court agreement that cites the defense of the neighbors, it is drawn up but neither signed, nor has it been raised in full, and what is more worrying for the aspirations of the neighbors, it does not appear budgeted in 2021. An agreement that would be a grievance for the rest of urbanizations that go through the same situation. Initially, it would have been designed between the general director of Urbanism and the director of the legal department. The legal representation of Torreta III hopes that the “extrajudicial” agreement will be substantiated in the coming months despite the fact that it must already be in the 2022 budget. The judicial resolution agrees with the previous municipal government that insisted that the area needs a plan special to be paid by the owners.

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