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The surprising product with which to clean the lime from the shower screen

Cleaning tricks |  How to clean your shower screen to make it sparkle

Cleaning tricks | How to clean your shower screen to make it sparkle

The bathroom It is one of the parts of the house in which the most germs accumulate, so your cleaning it must be frequent and conscientious. A bathtub with traces of soap and mold or a lavatory dirty is not the image we want our guests to see. Also, the shower screen and the drain are other areas of the toilet that give more headaches to those who are in charge of the homework. And is that the lime that accumulates in these crystals it is not easy to eliminate. However, there is a cleaning trick of what is known as “Grandma’s advice” for remove dirt and the dust that generates tap water on bathroom furniture in one minute. In addition, it is about a natural remedy that leaves behind the anti-scale products, which contain chemical substances that can be harmful to the environment.

Specifically, to carry out cleaning the shower screen, you need a surprising ingredient that perhaps you had never imagined using to clean up home: a raw potato. Yes, as you read it. And it is that these tubers are ideal to eliminate the stains lime and keep the shower on perfect conditions from a quick and easy way.

How to clean the shower screen to make it like new.

At first, the first thing you should do is cut the leg in half and rub the inside face all over the screen until it is completely covered with the juice generated by this tuber. And finally, remove the remains of this product with a clean, dry cloth.

In this way you can eliminate lime stains on your shower or bath, which will return to shine like the first day. Remember also that, when it comes to a natural remedy, you can apply this trick several times a week if you wish.

Cleaning tips

Remember that periodically you can find in our Decoration section cleaning tricks that aim to improve your quality of life. You don’t have to spend a lot of time with the bayeta in hand you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Rather to the contrary, there is homemade solutions what they give best results. If you know how clean up, everything will be easier. You will save a lot of money And you will also get more free time, that everything matters and everything adds up.

For example, in this last week we have told you ten cleaning tips to leave your house spotless in less than an hour. In the same way, we have offered you the homemade trick to clean the sofa and others upholstery quickly and easily.

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