Thursday, December 2

The system derails at home

The hercules cheapest of the last two decades does not advance, does not grow, it loses its balance very easily. He suffers from a fledgling, from histrionics, from suggestion, from an alarming lack of individual quality. The lack makeup can be done with a massive collective effort in closed spaces. But in the open field, if faith fails, if it does not get out, if it loses sight of its partner, if it racane with courage and fails its mentality, the project is exposed to being trampled on by the first one who passes … and there are already two.

The blue and white paradigm blushes. The same eleven soccer players who were exhibited in San Miguel a week ago behaved like toddlers on their first day of school last night. There were no guts, no one gritted their teeth, no one carried the equipment to prevent it from falling, neither did the coach, who did not realize that his model was making water in the center of the field and, by correlation, on the wings. He did not need a scorer or two (he unsuccessfully brought the three together), what bleed his approach was to be inferior in the area in which Alesio Lisci managed to rule with his, only in appearance, 5-3-2.

That system, if it works well in the offensive phase, allows to have five footballers in the center of the field. For Atlético Levante, the incorporations of Marc Pubill, a right-handed side, at the exit of the ball to ruin the uncoordinated pressure from Alicante and overcome containment lines with astonishing ease.

The main reason? Upstairs there was always someone who gave an effective solution to whoever had the ball, especially Omar Faraj, a 19-year-old Swedish striker for whom ni Mora neither Molina nor Jiménez they found an antidote. Knowing if Tano had found a way to stop him will never be discovered, it was left out by technical decision.

Sergio Mora enters the field to console his players at the end

In the middle of a shipwreck there is no beauty, only tragedy. The project it has proven to be solvent, but also quite the opposite with equal fierceness. And that puzzles. Irregularity does not benefit, it just puddles. The explosion of the stands as the team entered the locker room opens the window to the fire, to the ash blanket that covers an entity that looks out on its centenary wrapped in panic, distrust, in decomposition similar to the cement that the Generalitat intends to resurrect.

Half an hour needed a block in relegation places – which had only scored three goals in the first six days, one in the last five, which he had not won. more than a month-, to knock down the aspiring promotion. The favorite is great. Jorge Padilla he crashed a ball off the crossbar and everyone on the pitch trembled. So much so that they didn’t even continue with the play, they forgot, they gave it up. Pubill picked up the rejection, returned it to the area and Jesús Fernández, a goalkeeper of almost two meters, understood that he should not step forward to grab it without further ado. He did not tell his central, Diego Jiménez, who trusted the ex-Madridista and stared as someone with minimal ambition sought the direction of the pass and finished unopposed one meter from the goal line. A major disaster. A blur. An unforgivable failure for a team that has decided to link its success to defensive tension and collective aggressiveness.

The 0-1, such and as it already happened in Alzira, deactivated all the blue and white energy, which was only superior to his adversary for six minutes throughout the match, prior to the Granota subsidiary. Before and after, nothing. Between being “bossy” and being indolent there has to be a middle ground because if not, the promotion will evaporate in the most obscene way: at home.

The confusion, the nebula that Hercules enters when it receives the first setback, is so significant that the only thing redeemable from the shock is the evolution of Cesar Moreno, a midfielder who touches the yellow in each set. Yesterday they showed it to him at 9 minutes, that is, he had to play 80 with the limited containment pivot. Even so, the substitute was Mario Ortiz, and with good reason.

The coach’s solution to try to stop the attacking deployment of his enemy was to introduce Aketxe. It did not work as a revulsion. Only Chuli was able to understand that the game had to be won before reaching the area, but the man from Huelva also fell. He was injured and what little was left of the Hercules sank buried by the liveliness and drive of two sub-23s. The 0-2 was conceived in a robbery of Pubill, which advanced without a mark, found Faraj on the balcony of the area. The Swede had time to turn around and serve a pass to the hole to Cerdá, who finished the play.

The 0-3 was the last straw for the disaster. Pubill tried his luck from afar and Jesús Fernández slipped into the insignificant gap between his arm, the grass and the post. Falling can fall, it is legal. There are many ways to lose, some are admirable. To turn the collapse into a vice, that is already more intolerable. Hercules is back out of the “play-off” zone, it is already six points behind the lead (which this year provides immediate promotion) and the worst is none of that. What is really suicidal is that he exhibits an emotional weakness and a lack of leadership that pushes him to always put himself at his worst.

Lowest Chuli, injured, and Tano is left off the list

The destructive inertia plaguing the project offers no respite. Yesterday, Chuli, one of the few with a minimum offensive guarantee, at game time, asked for the change after noticing a puncture. The normal thing, after the first examination, is that he suffers a micro-tear that will prevent him from playing the next match. Tano Bonnín, who already had competitive registration, was left out of the summoned list, in principle, by technical decision. The Dominican international and Solbes stayed in the stands.

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