Sunday, October 17

The Tajo-Segura transfer: a Cainite management

The neglect of certain matters: health, education, strategic infrastructures, and some more that now do not come to mind, in the hands of the communities, the fucking pandemic has demonstrated in an exemplary way, that things seem not to work as they should. What can we do! Spain is the way it is and things do not seem to change, at least in a long period of our present and future history.

If we focus on the Tajo-Segura transfer, a strategic infrastructure in the economic development of an area of ​​Spain, of a patrimonial value difficult to estimate, on which one hundred thousand families depend directly, and which contributes a very considerable wealth to the Country It is a clear example that my initial reflection is not very misguided, when some Cainite and irresponsible politicians on the one hand, and other politicians sold out and without having what it takes to defend it as they should on the other, want to charge it.

It does not fit in a moderately sensible human head, knowing that a cubic meter of water in the transfer provides a wealth of three to ten times greater than letting it flow in the Tagus, the holy flats have, by a few miserable votes, manage it as they are doing.

I confess that no matter how you look at it, this matter only fits in a cainite and desolate Spain, as is happening with many other things that are known to all, no matter how much you want to hide your head like ostriches.

In the hydraulic planning of Spain, it is very elementary to think that it would have to be done technically by experts and wise men who know about all this, distributing resources in the most efficient way possible and compensating the territories in solidarity to avoid manifest injustices.

When things are not done like this, only frustrations and poverty are generated, and here we have our province of Alicante to show it, in which its wealth per inhabitant goes backwards like crabs at an alarming rate, for the treatment it is receiving from the central government of one sign or another; and why not say it also, of the treatment historically received in the autonomy itself.

I can think of a solution that, of course, there are no noses to apply by our deputies and senators in Madrid, and it is as simple as imitating the PNV meapilas, who act with their small votes with extraordinary returns.

It would be enough to remove the ladder from the government of the day and leave it hanging by the brush in a few votes in Congress and another rooster would sing to us without a doubt. And if our politicians have the courage they should have, let them do the test a couple of times and they will see how the noises that they irresponsibly bring with the transfer will end.

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