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The Taliban, just 11 kilometers from Kabul



The taliban advance has now practically reached the outskirts of Accept. A legislator from the province of Laugar assures that the insurgents have reached the district of Char Asyab, just 11 kilometers south of Kabul, according to the AP news agency on Saturday, while the BBC reports that clashes have broken out in Maidan Shar, the provincial capital of Maidan Wardak, 40 kilometers from the country’s capital.

Previously the Taliban had taken Pul-e-Alam, the capital of Laugar, located 70 kilometers from Kabul. In this city they did not meet much resistance, a member of the provincial council told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

This progress towards the Afghan capital comes shortly after the Taliban took over the country’s second city, Kandahar, and with the third, Herat.

Likewise, the attacks on Mazar-i-Sharif, the capital of Balkh and the last loyal bastion to the Government in the north of the country, and have launched offensives against three other provincial capitals, located in the east: Sharana (province of Paktika), Asadabad (Kunar) and Keep (Patkia), informs Ep.

Sharana and Asadabad have already fallen into the hands of the Taliban, according to the BBC, which mentions the head of the regional council and a local parliamentarian respectively as sources.

In the case of Mazar-i-Sharif, the Balkh Police have confirmed multiple Taliban attacks “from various directions”. Balj is the only province in the north of the country that is still under the control of the former warlord, Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum.

The usual spokesman for the Taliban, Zabiula Mujahid, has reported that the insurgents have entered the city, and that the town of Sharana is also practically under their control.

More than half the country, under Taliban control

Since this Friday the Taliban control more than half of the country’s provincial capitals, after in the last week they have been falling one after another, in many cases with little resistance.

The rapid Taliban advance comes as Western countries rush to organize the evacuation of their nationals. Troops of EE.UU. They have started arriving in Kabul to protect the staff of the US Embassy as they leave the country. According to the Pentagon, between now and Sunday two battalions of the Marines and one of infantry will attend this task, until completing a contingent of 3,000 troops. Washington maintains its plans for its military to leave the country definitively on September 11 at the latest, as announced at the time by the president Joe Biden.

Meanwhile the president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, has addressed the nation in a speech in which he has announced a process of consultations at the national and international level and has set the “remobilization” of the troops as a top priority.

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