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The ‘Tándem’ judge summons two employees and the former head of Security at BBVA

BBVA headquarters building in Madrid.

BBVA headquarters building in Madrid.

The judge of the National Court Manuel García-Castellón, in charge of the investigation of the macrocause ‘Tandem’, has summoned to testify to two employees of the BBVA, to the author of a forensic report and to the former head of Security of the entity, Julio Corrochano. All this, in the separate piece related to the bank and the supposed orders that would have been made to the retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo.

This is how it appears in two files to which Europa Press has had access, in which the former head of Communication of BBVA is cited for the next 24 and 25 November Paul Garcia Tobin -which is being investigated in the case- and the financial advisor of the entity Cesar Bejar. They will also be joined by Fernando Alfonso Díaz.

It was last July when the magistrate agreed to summon García Tobin as being investigated for “his alleged participation in a crime against the administration of justice by covering up the” former president of BBVA Francisco González.

The head of the Central Court of Instruction Number 6 made the decision to impute García Tobin based on the statement of the head of BBVA Security, Inés Díaz Ochagavia. According to her, after a news item about alleged money laundering was published that related to Villarejo’s partner, Rafael Redondo, and CENYT, they wanted to determine if the information that affected BBVA was true and, for this, García Tobin ordered to create a folder on Google Drive to “raise the information” that may exist in the bank on the contracts with the company.

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In the same order, dated July 20, the judge agreed to call Alfonso Díaz as an expert, who prepared the report that BBVA commissioned GMV to “the acquisition of electronic evidence of files located in the client’s storage environments (Google Drive) “.

Inquiries about file metadata

The magistrate wants the expert to ratify and, where appropriate, expand the GMV report but, above all, to clarify “why the metadata of the file was not presented since its creation”, as the bank had promised.

The decision to call Corrochano, still without a fixed date, comes after he sent last OctoberHe wrote a letter to the judge in which he argued that it was “unimaginable” that Villarejo was still active when the bank hired him in December 2004, asserting along the same lines that he “never” suspected that the information he provided could come from restricted access police bases.

In it, Corrochano assured that he had known Villarejo since 1974, when they coincided in the fight against terrorism in the San Sebastián Police Station, but that they did not regain contact until 2003, when he was head of Security at BBVA, he received a call from his former colleague to offer him the “business intelligence” services of one of the companies that he had created after two leaves of absence from the National Police and “many years of activity in the private sector with considerable success.”

Corrochano is, together with the former president of BBVA, one of the defendants in this separate piece number 9 of ‘Tándem’ for the bank’s contracts with CENYT for different projects at least between 2004 and 2017, work for which the entity would have paid the curator more than 10 million euros.

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