Monday, January 18

The Tax Agency has returned 335 million of the last rent in Alicante

One of the dependencies of the Tax Agency.

One of the dependencies of the Tax Agency.

The Tax agency had returned to the end of last year more than 335 million euros to 528,397 taxpayers in the province corresponding to the last Income Campaign, which means 94.29% of the entire amount requested. This has been pointed out by the body dependent on the Ministry of Finance in the balance it has made this Monday and in which it highlights that the number of refunds that have already been paid exceeds that of the previous year, despite the difficulties that the pandemic entailed.

Thus, at the national level, 14,063,000 returns have been made for the amount 10,428 million euros, which is 3% more than in the previous year.

In total, the tax body received in Alicante 803,078 statements last season, which represented an increase of 2.89%. More than 67% of them – that is, 541,670 – turned out to return, for an amount of 355 million, of which 335 million have already been paid, 94.29% of the total, according to the figures released today. A return percentage that is even one point higher than the national average, 93.19%.

More Internet Presentations

From the Tax Agency they point out that the pandemic caused an increase in the number of declarations that were presented by Internet, which reached 93% compared to 88% the previous year. Thus, in addition to the web, which employed 19.28 million taxpayers throughout Spain, the use of the mobile app of the Meat, which added 365,000 returns filed, 25.8% more than last year.

In this regard, the agency points out that the first part of the campaign was characterized by a very important acceleration in internet presentations, with an increase of 27% in the declarations filed from the beginning until May 7, when the plan ‘We Call You’ of making statements by telephone. By then, more than a third of all campaign statements had been submitted.

From that moment, the Agency overturned the structure of personalized attention in this telephone plan, multiplying by almost six times its capacity to meet the needs of taxpayers without the need for them to have to wait for the health situation to allow the offices to reopen, and with the aim of being the main channel of personalized attention. This approach led to the preparation of 1,155,000 statements by telephone in less than two months, compared to 239,000 the previous year, when the service worked throughout the campaign.

This combination of acceleration of online presentations in the first section of the campaign and the strong impulse of the ‘We Call You’ plan made it easier to arrive with a significant positive margin of presentations at the time when the sanitary circumstances allowed to start the attention in offices. With half the time and half the space that in a conventional face-to-face campaign to guarantee safety distances and entry and exit flows with the necessary preventive health measures, 319,000 statements were presented in offices, compared to about 2,100. 000 from the previous year.

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