Thursday, December 2

The “Team A”, to the rescue of the dogs of La Palma: “They are well”

“Team A” rescue banner.

The disappearance of the hound dogs trapped in two ponds on La Palma surrounded by lava from the volcano has become a mystery that gives to write a whole novel. But let’s leave it in a short story for now. On its reconnaissance flights to prepare for rescue, the Galician company Aerocámaras, specialists in drones, noticed the absence of the animals on Wednesday afternoon. Since then speculation and jokes began about the whereabouts of the dogs.

This Thursday, a group of anonymous people called ‘A team’, that is, Team A, has spread a video on social networks in which they attribute the rescue of the podencos. In the video, with music from the series ‘The A Team’, you can see images of the drone flying over the empty ponds and the area where the dogs were, as well as a banner, hanging from one of the ponds, which reads “Force La Palma, the dogs are fine. A team”.

In the video they also appear pictures of six animals. On the photos, a message: “Courage !!! In La Palma we are #masfuertesqueelvolcan” and it is given that it is about the podencos that were in the ponds. Knowing if this is true or not is difficult for someone who does not know these dogs.

The matter becomes trending topic without there being any communication other than the anonymous video on the matter.

The information that clarifies everything comes from the Hunting Club website, who claims to have spoken with someone close to the owners of the animals, that is, with a person who knows dogs well. According to the text, written by Antonio López Espada, the owners of the podencos, playing the physical game and ignoring the police authorities, came to their rescue and succeeded.

The source close to the owners of the animals who have spoken with the journalist assures that “they were not left to their own devices”. Explain that dogs “they fled at the time of the volcano eruption”. They were hunting with their owners in the mountains of La Palma, who They were rescued last Sunday, October 17 at night, after planning the operation “in silence for days.”.

In the midst of the controversy, Aerocámaras, who wanted to test his invention for the rescue of animals, intervenes to reveal that in a reconnaissance flight in the area they have found footprints on the ash. In a tweet, posted at 1:54 pm, speculates that someone has entered the exclusion zone and saved the hounds. That was what it was all about in the end.

In any case, it seems like a happily closed story, if it is true that the dogs are with their owners, who ventured into the exclusion zone without protection to save them.

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