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The technological barrier makes vaccination difficult in the elderly

The main impediment is in the over 70 years, to whom the first dose has already been inoculated. “Many of them do not have a mobile phone and if they do, they do not know how it works and do not know that there is a courier service”, says a health.

Other times, they have a landline and not a mobile phone, “in these cases either they don’t hear the call or they weren’t at home when the phone rang, a fact that further delays the process because staff have to make more calls at other times.

In these situations, especially in small towns, the work falls to the Primary Care teams, mainly in Nursing, with whom this group has a closer relationship as they are those who control chronic diseases of this age: diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, COPD or Sintrom.

These health workers, who bear the greatest burden of vaccination against the coronavirus, know the family reality of their patients and try to contact relatives or neighbors to be notified of their turn. They also make use of the State Security Forces and Bodies, such as the Local Police, to locate certain more vulnerable groups or people without resources, “because vaccination is for all those who reside in the municipalities.”

Many times it happens the other way around, it is the people themselves who, upon learning that they are vaccinating their age group, go to the health center to ask about their citation. It is then that they are summoned for that week or they are notified for the so-called “second round”, in the event that the immunization has already been completed in the age group to which they belong.

One of the anecdotes that this health company tells reflects this reality. A 65-year-old patient, from a small town in the province of Alicante, with less than 15,000 inhabitants, whose health coverage is provided by another insurance company, upon having knowledge that “relatives and acquaintances of the same age group had already inoculated the first dose, he went to his health center. There it was verified that only the landline phone was registered in its data in the SIP system. Due to her circumstances, she is not at home much, and she could not be located.

At the same time, she was included and an appointment was made for the same week, «a gesture that health workers greatly appreciate because on many occasions it is almost impossible to locate many elderly patients with pathologies that advise more if possible, the vaccination”.

Fear and indecision

The “vaccinodromes” attest to some cases in which many undecided go with “The initial determination not to get vaccinated but they do ask”. After a brief conversation with the doctor present, they “decided to get vaccinated.” On the contrary, there are «patients who after being in a queue they have turned around and left without administering the vaccine ». As a curiosity, this health care company comments that “a patient, given the bad information he had, received the serum on his third visit to the ‘vaccinadrome’, the previous two, he backed down.

Although he does emphasize that no dose is lost because always “There are patients in reserve for the same day, so that not a single vial is lost”.

And he adds “getting vaccinated and following health recommendations is the only way we have to end this virus.”

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