Saturday, October 16

The «terror» is rarely seen in Elche

Two disguised friends walking through the downtown area, where few users were seen participating in the Halloween celebration.

Two disguised friends walking through the downtown area, where few users were seen participating in the Halloween celebration.

This bridge of Todos los Santos will remain in the retina of all the people of Elche, and of the Spanish in general, at least as the most atypical and sad. The entire families cannot go to visit their relatives because they exceed the six people that Health sets as a limit to prevent the spread of covid-19. Furthermore, the imported Halloween party was seen indoors more than on the streets. The groups of disguised friends did not reach the level of other years at all, taking into account that all the programming organized by the City Council for the holiday was suspended with the special restrictions that the city has to take advantage of. The fear, above all, was in private parties where few prevention tools work. Only in the afternoon the Local Police managed to detect three calls for clandestine parties in various chalets of the Camp d’Elx, in districts such as Daimés. It was finally called off after police monitoring, although at the close of this edition there was a reinforcement of troops in rural areas as well as in neighborhoods with the highest traffic.

The Local Police controlled that the capacity was fulfilled in the terraces of the center and the districts, and a drone was tested in the cemeteries to control crowds. | MATÍAS SEGARRA

The device exceeded 100 agents during the day to control both the holy fields of the city and the leisure areas or districts. In the center you could see a large group of families walking through the Corridor like any Saturday. Parents were observed with their minor children but few groups of friends characterized by dark and horror characters. However, some used custom masks that added the touch to the costume, or were even the only costume they used. The pandemic has slowed down the illusion of painting their hair, putting on a mask, pumpkins and competing to see who is scarier considering that everyone should be home at midnight.

Several friends walking through the center with their costumes and custom masks while the agents control the area. | MATÍAS SEGARRA

The «terror» is rarely seen in Elche

The curfew had something positive and that is that the typical acts of vandalism that are repeated every year were reduced. Little trick or treat was sighted and with it few smashed eggs on the facades of the businesses or the balconies were scored, according to the comparison that the agents made to any other year without a pandemic. On the terraces it was another story. The influx was total in most of the premises of the downtown area, so that a little more atmosphere was noticed than in another weekend, taking into account, also, that inside the capacity now can only be one third. Even so, there were no cases of non-compliance for exceeding the limit.

On the other hand, the police had to seal off the alcoholic beverages sales area of ​​some stores. At least at the end of the edition the Local Police did not have to use the mercury truck that serves as an operations center because there were no altercations. This system is planned for today when thousands of people are expected to pass through cemeteries to bring flowers to their loved ones. Even so, the drone was used to control crowds from above.

Regarding traffic, there were more retentions than usual in access to the city’s shopping centers, taking into account that the Halloween celebration calls for a meeting between friends.

On the other hand, there was tranquility yesterday on the day before All Saints in the two cemeteries. During the day there was very little influx of relatives who came to the holy fields to fix niches and bring flowers, even the City Council detailed that the influx yesterday was the lowest in ten years, and a clear indicator was the parking because there were many spaces free during the day.

At the entrances the users the City Council had hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance. The mayor of Cemeteries, Héctor Díez, and that of Citizen Security, Ramón Abad, visited the New and Old cemetery yesterday to check the operation of the special security device and thanked the citizens for staggering the visits and that they are brief to respect the measures restrictive. However, in the event that the Local Police Air Unit detects an increase in capacity, access to the cemetery will be cut off until it is empty, without it being necessary yesterday. The agents also controlled the accesses to the cemetery last night, taking into account that it is a day in which acts of vandalism are usually unleashed, which are promoted in several cases under the influence of alcohol.

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