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The Teulada conflict strains the relationship between PSPV and Compromís in the province

The spokesmen of Compromís and PSPV in the Provincial Council, Gerard Fullana and Toni Francés.  |  INFORMATION

The spokesmen of Compromís and PSPV in the Provincial Council, Gerard Fullana and Toni Francés. | INFORMATION

The conflicts between the PSPV and Compromís are not resolved. Far from solving their differences, the Botànic partners are showing that they are not willing to settle the frictions and, in fact, have transferred their crisis to the province of Alicante. Teulada has become the new source of tension between PSPV and Compromís. If the constant confrontations between the Socialists and Valencians led to a motion of censure in Agres just two weeks ago, now the PSPV’s blockade of the municipal budget of Teulada has not sat well within Compromís, who yesterday promoted the dismissal of the two Socialist councilors Héctor Morales and Alejandro Llobell, who this week knocked down the accounts with the PP. These two councilors shared the Government with four representatives of Compromís and three other non-affiliated representatives (one former PSOE member and two former Cs leaders). They added the nine votes necessary for an absolute majority. Now, the municipal Corporation will remain in the minority with seven councilors, the same as the PP.

Since the beginning of the mandate, disagreements between the partners have put the governance of this municipality in the Marina Alta region at risk. PSPV and Compromís no longer hide their discomfort and, as happened in Agres, the confrontation has moved to the provincial and regional scene. In fact, the PSPV today called a meeting of the regional executive to analyze the situation and transfer it to the Botanic Pact Monitoring Commission, which plans to address the sources of instability that exist in Alicante.

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On the part of the PSPV, the secretary general in the province, José Chulvi, yesterday preferred not to make statements on this matter. Instead, the socialist general secretary in the Marina Alta, Oscar Mengual, explained that “the problem is that the PSPV’s proposals have not been taken into account. We have asked Compromís to sit down to hold a meeting ». The Socialists have reported that the two councilors fell behind in the vote on municipal budgets because there was no consensus on investments or a negotiation to include their main projects. Oscar Mengual ruled out a possible motion of censure as happened in Agres: «I would never support a motion of censure. This issue must be solved from Valencia through the commission of the Botanical Pact to try to give stability to the coalition governments as it happens in the Consell ».

The mayor of Teulada-Moraira, with the support of the government team, signed yesterday the decree of dismissal of powers and salary of Héctor Morales and Alejandro Llobell. Vila explained that “it is incomprehensible that two councilors are associating with the main opposition party day after day, making the Government’s task difficult and lacking confidentiality.” Already at the provincial level, the spokesman for Compromís in the Alicante Provincial Council, Gerard Fullana, assured that he understands the existence of different views within a coalition government, but insisted on the importance of loyalty between partners to facilitate the approval of a budget in a healthcare context as complicated as the current one. As stated by Compromís, there is no recent antecedent in any town hall. In this way, the Corporation will be in charge of the management of the City Council in a minority with seven councilors: four councilors from Compromís and three not attached. As they affirmed from the government team, they will maintain the will to change the policies developed by the right in Teulada, a historical fiefdom of the PP that after the 2019 elections launched its first left government in the entire democracy. The local executive of Compromís was in favor of opening a dialogue with the local PSPV collective to force the appointment of new councilors. The government team will return to bring the municipal budgets to the plenary session and yesterday asked the PP to take note of the behavior that the opposition is having in other institutions, in clear reference to the Diputación, where the accounts have been approved without votes against. They also alluded to the Consell, where Mónica Oltra voted in favor of the regional budgets, despite the existing disagreements with the Ministry of Finance.

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Appeal against the motion of censure presented in Agres

The disagreements between PSPV and Compromís in Agres and their inability to approve the budgets led to a motion of censure presented by the socialist mayor Rafael Sanjuan and the three councilors of the PP, María García, Venancio Pascual and Enrique Ribera, to seize the Mayor’s Office from Josep Manuel Francés, from Compromís. Now, the coalition has filed a judicial appeal to challenge the motion and reverse the situation.

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