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The thief ‘Copito’ arrested after escaping from the Civil Guard by climbing over the roofs of Madrid

Moment of the arrest of 'Copito'

Moment of the arrest of ‘Copito’

Agents of the Civil Guard stationed at the Main Post of Arganda del Rey They arrested this Sunday in a public park the habitual criminal fugitive nicknamed ‘Copito’, a member of the ‘Copitos clan’, the Madrid Command reported this Monday in a press release.

On December 24, Jonathan Jesús DC, a 33-year-old Spaniard, evaded police custody when he was brought before the judicial authority, after having detained him hours before for the theft of a home. The prisoner was told three judicial requisitions of search, arrest and personification and one of search and entry into prison.

In addition, the agents arrested him for his alleged involvement in five crimes of robbery with force in food outlets run by people of Asian nationality and local pharmacies, eight crimes of robbery with force inside the vehicle, two crimes of robbery theft vehicle use, two crimes of damages caused by arson, three crimes of grave disobedience Y a crime of attack against an agent of authority.

That day he escaped when he was about to enter the Arganda Courts. He assaulted an agent and ran away. Due to his agility, athletic build, and local knowledge, they were unable to hunt him down. The Civil Guard launched a device that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day without success to locate him.

Investigators presume that the fugitive has been helped by family and friends who have kept you hidden in their homes. On January 20, the agents had him located in an address located in the central area of ​​the town, thanks to an anti-Covid mobility control. Specifically, in a family member’s house located between Calle Carretas and Plaza de la Constitución in Arganda.

However, ‘Copito’ well starred in another escape climbing through the inner courtyard of the house, up to the roofs of the buildings, managing to evade their arrest. Despite the attempts of the agents and a helicopter that flew over the area for minutes alerting the neighbors, they were unable to locate him.

Now, two months later, the inquiries of the agents in charge of the investigation placed him on Sunday night on Coexistence Street in the town, for which a device was established that allowed his arrest in a public park and transfer to a dependency of the Civil Guard, where it remains in custody until it is brought to justice.

The already detained is attributed the responsibility of eleven robberies with force in homes in Arganda del Rey, Valdilecha and Colmenar de Oreja. During the investigation, they have recovered a van and a vehicle used for the commission of the criminal acts, a mini-motorcycle, power tools and effects stolen from the homes.

The detainee is aware numerous antecedents both in databases of the Civil Guard and the National Police, many of them against property and the socioeconomic order, robberies with violence, robberies with force, theft, damage and robbery or theft, use of a vehicle; against public order, attack against agent of authority, resistance and disobedience; against freedom, threats; crimes of falsehood; crimes of violation of sentence; crimes of mistreatment in the family environment and crimes against road safety.

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