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The thieves who threw the bills out the window when cornered




“I haven’t done anything, we haven’t done anything!” This is how three women, three thieves, received the Civil Guard agents who intercepted them in the border between Haro (La Rioja) and the Basque Country after a persecution and the closure of roads throughout the province. They just saw how bills were thrown out the car window that had been stolen from the cash register of two businesses in Calahorra. Lying in the grass, the officials recovered all the loot: €1,293.20, “except for a few cents that we could not find no matter how hard we searched,” point out sources from the Corps. All three have entered prison.

The robberies occurred on the morning of May 3, when the 062 service operations center received calls from several citizens alerting that three women had fled in a vehicle, after committing two assaults on a stationery store and a parapharmacy from the Rioja town of Calahorra.

The Civil Guard opted for a ‘Cage’ operation throughout the province with patrols in citizen security service and the La Rioja traffic sector to locate the fugitives.

His modus operandi was careless theft. While two of them they misled the employee asking about various items and prices, which they had no intention of buying, the third stole money from the cash register or valuables. This method did not work out for them on the second trade they agreed to.

The employee realized what they wanted and when trying to prevent them from leaving the store they began to violently assault her before fleeing the place aboard a Renault Laguna passenger car. The victim had to be treated at the health center for the significant injuries caused by beating her and dragging her on the ground.

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The agents recovered the loot that the thieves threw away
The agents recovered the loot that the thieves threw away

The road closure gave results 115 kilometers from Calahorra where several agents managed to intercept the car, in Alto de San Felices on the AP-68, in the municipality of Haro. After seeing how they threw away the evidence of the crime, they were arrested. They are three women between 30 and 44 years old, of Spanish nationality and residents of Bilbao who belong to the same clan and live by looting shops. They are accused of a crime of robbery with violence and intimidation and another of theft.

The detainees, who have admitted to prison, formed an itinerant cell specialized in thefts from commercial establishments by the method of carelessness. They have to their credit an extensive criminal record for crimes committed in La Rioja, Burgos and Navarra and between the three they add up to more than 30 police records. One of them was being searched for and arrested for other robberies with violence and intimidation, committed in the demarcation of the National Police. The judge ordered the entry into prison of the three.

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