Saturday, October 23

The third dose of the vaccine reaches the residences of Elche

In the middle DomusVi of Elche Carrús 128 residents have been vaccinated with Pfizer. The doses have been provided by the Carrús health center, which is the reference of this residence and with which it collaborates closely.

The residents were very excited to receive the third vaccine and said that “little by little the light is seen at the end of the tunnel. This brings us closer to being with our family and hugging each other. ”

Two of the vaccinated residents They are the oldest in the center, Segunda, 96 years old, and Lolita, 93 years old.

“For me, as director of the residence, it is also a reason for joy, since we have endured the entire pandemic with the covid-19 free center and this third dose brings us a little closer to the normality so awaited by all. We thank both workers and residents and family, for their collaboration and patience, because this has been essential for us to reach this point where we are ”.

The center DomusVi Santa Pola It has begun this Thursday morning to administer to part of its residents the third dose of the vaccine against covid-19, thus completing the vaccination cycle.

The group to which it has been destined is 113 older who received the first two doses during the first quarter of the year.

The elders have been expectant these days before the arrival of the third dose since they have placed all their hopes in the vaccine that this new step will help control the pandemic and, therefore, allow them to resume their routines in a safer way for their health.

Regarding the team of professionals, this decision has been received with very happy since it represents a further step towards the protection of residents, thus favoring their welfare state.

The positive feelings have been shared by both the team of vaccination as well as for the staff, relatives and residents of our centers, since the advances that have been achieved thanks to vaccination are being effective both in our center and in the general population.

The vaccination process has been planned and carried out by the coordinator of Nursing from the Santa Pola Health Center, two nurses from said health center, the doctor and the nursing coordinator from DomusVi Santa Pola. The vaccines began to be administered around 9 am, ending at 11.30 am.

The vials have been provided by the Departmental Commission to which the center belongs (Public Health of Elche and Primary Care of the General Hospital of Elche together with the collaboration of the Santa Pola Health Center).

From the residence DomusVi of El Campello They point out that after the approval by the Interterritorial Council of the SNS of the administration of a booster dose of vaccine against covid-19 to the residents of centers for the elderly and of what was agreed in the meeting held with the representatives of the residential centers and the VICIPI, it was decided to vaccinate residents as soon as possible.

The criteria that have been followed have been that they had the second dose of vaccine before March 31 and only to those who have administered the Pfizer vaccine. The next week the booster dose of the other vaccines will be administered.

The health personnel, together with a nurse from the El Campello health center, have been in charge of the administration. The vials were collected on Wednesday at Public health. Preparation of the doses began at 9 am and at 12 noon all residents were vaccinated. 97 residents have been vaccinated. At the moment health personnel are not going to be vaccinated. There have been no incidents.

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