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The third wind farm in Extremadura already has the environmental approval

Plasencia, and in the background, the wind turbines of the ‘El Merengue 1’ wind farm. / today

The new ten megawatt plant will require an investment of ten million and will be between Plasencia and Malpartida de Plasencia

Antonio J Armero

The third wind farm in the region is a little closer to becoming a reality. The Official Gazette of Extremadura today publishes the EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) of the plant called ‘Plasencia’, which will be between this city and Malpartida de Plasencia and will have a power of ten megawatts distributed among three wind turbines. This new plant will be built by the company Proyectos Energéticos de Extremadura SL, with registered office in the Galician city of Vigo (Pontevedra), which will invest 10.2 million euros. The ‘El Merengue 1’ wind farm operates in Plasencia (15 wind turbines and 40 megawatts of power, with 124 megawatts per hour produced last year) and last week the first stone was laid for ‘El Merengue II’ (11 wind turbines and 49.5 megawatts of power).

Today’s DOE resolution collects the environmental approval by the General Directorate of Sustainability, although it introduces some corrections, a common practice in this type of procedure. The body attached to the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Sustainability orders the developer to carry out some improvements that have to do fundamentally with the improvement of some six hectares of scrubland that constitute an important habitat for the breeding and survival of the lesser kestrel and bats. Also others that have to do with soil contamination or gas emissions.

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In the processing of this DIA, only Adenex (Association for the Defense of Nature and the Environment of Extremadura) availed itself of the opportunity to make allegations about this project, which in its initial approach planned to be built in the town of Holguera in Cáceres. It was finally relocated, and its three windmills will be in the municipal district of Plasencia, which will also house part of the evacuation line. This will cross the EX-A1 ​​autonomous highway and will end in Malpartida de Plasencia.

About 700,000 euros before it works

The construction of this third wind farm in the autonomous community will bring the Plasencia City Council some 700,000 euros before it starts operating, between the ICIO (Tax on Constructions, Installations and Works) and the municipal canon. To this figure must be added annually the IAE (Tax on Economic Activities).

“For the city it is a pride to host the three wind farms in the region,” says Sergio López Casares, Councilor for the Environment, who also refers to “the importance of contributing to the generation of clean energy.” The mayor explains that the approximate date on which the new plant can begin to be built is unknown, given that the mandatory processing process has not yet been completed before starting to build it.

“The administrative procedure is still on public display, and before the start of the work, other procedures must be completed, such as the building license,” details the councilor from Placentino. “It seems difficult -completes Sergio López- that the new park can begin to be built during this year, and it is surely more accurate to think that the work can begin at the beginning of 2023 if everything goes well”.


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