Thursday, February 2

“The Third World War has already started”

Russia is not only fighting militarily on the soil of Ukraine, Russia also free this war in the field of propaganda. Russian state television RussianOne, has emerged as a speaker of Slavic threats to the West in the midst of a war, and even considers a “Third World war”, blaming the United States and the United Kingdom for interfering in the theater of operations and warning that they will have to “pay a high price” for that interference.

Just one day after the invasion is 100 days old, the tone has risen and this channel already ends the “special operation” on Ukrainian soil, while at the same time starting a new stage. “We can say that the Third World War has begun,” continues Olga Skabeyeva, host of the program. However, these words must be put into question, since the announcer already announced the Third World War after the sinking of the ‘Moskva’, the figurehead of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea.

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Specifically, Skabeyeva singles out Western powers for Ukraine’s use of US M777s by Ukrainian troops in Donbas. “Right now we’re definitely fighting NATO’s infrastructure, if not NATO itself,” she ends.

This program has already ridiculed the monkeypox outbreak in the West: “Almost all those infected are men with a non-traditional sexual orientation. We have no cases of monkeypox, none.” “Can you believe it? What a coincidence! Or maybe it’s not a coincidence. Most of the countries where homosexuals catch monkeypox are supplying weapons to the kyiv regime. These things happen, right?” Skabeyeva scoffed.

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