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The three industrial estates of Elda obtain the classification of Basic Industrial Area of ​​the Generalitat

Aerial image of the Campo Alto de Elda industrial estate.

Aerial image of the Campo Alto de Elda industrial estate.

The three industrial estates of Elda (Campo Alto, Finca Lacy and Torreta-Río) have been cla.ified by the Generalitat Valenciana as Basic Industrial Area. This cla.ification, carried out through theVivaceE (Valencian Institute of Busine. Competitivene.), is the first step towards the declaration of advanced industrial areas.

The Councilor for Economic Development, Industry and Employment, Silvia Ibanez, has ensured that “From the City Council of Elda we are going to promote public-private collaboration to also achieve the cla.ification as ‘Advanced Industrial Area'”.

Last September 2020, theVivaceE requested from the Valencian Community councils all the information at their disposal regarding the compliance by the lots included in the areas cla.ified as industrial in their municipality with the requirements demanded by article 177 of the Law of Spatial Planning, Urbanism and Landscape LotusP), for the correct delimitation and cla.ification of industrial areas in their respective municipalities.

Among the information provided by the City Council of Elda is the current situation of the land cla.ified as industrial within thePGOU of its municipality, with data such as road acce. to industrial estates by paved roads, supply of drinking water and electricity, evacuation of sewage, pedestrian acce., curb of sidewalks and public lighting.

The exact situation of the three polygons was also sent to the Generalitat through coordinates, their names, available services, acce. and connection routes, existence or not of a management and modernization entity, public or private promotion, busine. sector installed and individualized plan of the industrial area.

This cla.ification is one of the aspects included in the Law on Management, Promotion and Modernization of Industrial Areas (articles 34 and 37) that establishes the categories of basic, consolidated and advanced according to their endowments and the services they offer. In this way, according to the Law, those that meet the requirements and basic services established by planning and the applicable urban and local regulations for industrial use will be cla.ified as basic industrial areas.

Ibáñez has remembered “The commitment of the local government to promote the industrial fabric of Elda and, for this, it is e.ential to modernize our industrial estates and make the nece.ary industrial land available to companies to consolidate and grow. In this sense, from the Elda City Council we are investing in the three industrial estates because they are fundamental infrastructures by concentrating on them companies that generate wealth and sustainable and quality employment, and diversify economic activity ”.

The councilor recalled that “Elda has more than 1,200,000 m2 of industrial land. In addition, we have recently approved an extension of more than 600,000 m2 available for new industries to be installed in the municipality. The objective of all the steps that we are taking from the local government are aimed at improving infrastructures and and promoting the attraction of new companies, which are potential generators of employment. We are going to continue working on the organization of management entities or local energy communities, because they are some of the actions that will help the growth and diversification of Elda’s industrial fabric ”.

In total, 171 industrial areas in the Valencian Community have received the cla.ification of ‘basic’, of which 49 are in the province of Alicante, and Elda is one of the 16 municipalities that have industrial estates included in this cla.ification . The Department of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Commerce and Labor is promoting the conce.ion of the quality mark of the Strategic Industrial Municipality and Strategic Logistics Municipality.

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