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The three noises that annoy dogs the most

Dogs tend to hide when they hear certain noises that scare them.

The dogs they are one of the family. And like people, dogs express their fears and the things that bother them the most. Some noises or sounds that are everyday for humans can become real nightmares for humans. dogs. For this reason, it is convenient that they know what they are the noises people hate the most dogs and try, as far as possible, to avoid them. In this way, your pets will be much happier and calmer.

The sounds dogs hate

There are many sounds that can be annoying for dogs. However, we are going to focus on three of them.

Household appliances

Dogs are not good friends to our home appliances. Above all, they don’t like the ones that make the most noise. Vacuum cleaners, mixers and mincers are some of the everyday gadgets that we all have at home and that our little friends hate. Only when starting them for a few minutes will we notice how our pet is upset and often scared.

The storms

Dogs hate storms. The intense noise of thunder generates a great state of anxiety that can even cause health problems as it can turn into a phobia. In addition, their instincts lead them to try to protect themselves from this potential threat in a safe place and sometimes, if they try to get into places that are too small, they can even injure themselves.

The noise of thunder creates anxiety in dogs. Pixabay

Firecrackers and fireworks

To the vast majority of dogs are terrified of the noise of firecrackers and fireworks. Hearing these detonations causes great anxiety and fear in them. The high level of nervousness generated by these detonations means that, as in the case of storms, they want to hide somewhere that they consider safer.

How to calm your dog if he’s scared by noise

Seeing how your pet suffers when listening to certain noises also generates a lot of discomfort in their owners. Although protecting them from these noises can be a very difficult task, you can do certain things to reduce their discomfort.

Dogs hate the noises of storms. Pixabay

Whenever possible, try to accompany your dog if you know you will hear these sounds. For example, if it is the festivities of your municipality and a fireworks display is scheduled or if the weather forecasts announce storms, try to stay home with your dog. As much as possible, try to muffle these noises closing doors and windows.

Be calm before the animal it is also important. If you too are scared and scream in a storm, your pet will become even more irritable.

The detonations of firecrackers are one of the most frightening noises to dogs. Pixabay

Act normally and let it hide where it wants. If you try to avoid this reflex action, you can put even more stress on your pet.

Other things dogs hate

In addition to hearing, dogs have a highly developed sense of smell so we are also going to tell you what they are. the odors that most annoy dogs.

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