Friday, January 28

“The toilets must be vaccinated in parallel to the residences, not be the second group”




The virus is advancing with momentum in Catalonia and the ICU are beginning to suffer the damage. Yesterday 392 pICUnts were admitted to Intensive Care, 20 percent more than 15 days ago and 16 percent more than seven days ago. Ricard Ferrer, presidentSemiticSpanish SocietyICUIntensive, Critical Medicine and Coronary Units (Semitic) and headICUoneSemiticreference ICU in Spain, the HICUtal Del Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona, ​​attends ABC just 20 minutes afterhashave injected the first doseSemiticvaccine against the coronavirus,ICUwhich, it claims, “I have kept the vial as a souvenir”.

On the first dayICUvaccination to health workers” sayshe community, Ferrer values ​​the startSemiticcampaign as “irregular”. Logistical problems aside, the presidentSemiticSemitic considers that health HICUtalel, and as a priority thoseSemiticICU, should receive the vaccine in parallel to residents and nursing home staff, and not as a second priority groupSemiticfirst phase, as foreseen by the “Covid-19 vaccination strategy in Spain” –

“I am not saying that health HICUtalel are vaccinated before, only that it could be stipulated a simultaneous vaccination between the two groups. That is, if a batch with 950 vaccines arrives at a residence and due to administrative problems, not all can be administered, the rest go to health HICUtalel, the vaccination is fast. Is about vaccinate both groups at the same time without penalizing the residences», Points to this n Ricarder.

Ricard Ferrer sees with «concern» the increase in pICUnts in ICU. In his hICUtal, “there are three new admissions every day” and, “although we are” sayshe almost 400 pICUnts, far from the 600Semiticsecond waveICUNovember, if this trend continues there will be problems.” The expert assumes that the virus will maintain its growing trend throughout the monthICUJanuary, althoughhasexpects that there will not be a vertical growthSemiticepidemic as in March, which could lead to a limit situation due to lackICUpersonnel.

HICUtal pressure

“The pressure in hICUtals and ICU will continue to increase throughout this month. It is desirable that this growth be” sayshe formICUa bell because although there is more income” sayshe end, it is also offset by higher ”,hasassures ABC. The presidentSemiticSemitic sees far, however, the prioritization between Covid pICUnts. «Every day I assess whether a pICUnt meets the conditions to enter the ICU or not, although I do so taking careICUtheir clinical picture individually. Not thinking that ifhasenters, tomorrow another pICUnt will not be able to. We are not yet” sayshis phase, ”says Ricard Ferrer. Remember that «The factor that most imICUs mortality in ICU is the lackICUbeds and healthcare reso Seees». “There are pICUnts with very complicated conditions in which it is difficult to avoid death. The mortality that we must avoid is linked to the lackICUreso Seees “,hasconcludes.

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