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The top teachers on Twitter in the course of the covid give classes in the province of Alicante

«Three years ago Aarón Asencio encouraged me to open an account on Twitter to share what I do. I laughed a lot. I thought what was I going to share, but the truth is that you learn every day and, without doing anything that you consider special, parents are also interested. My colleagues tell me that I inspire them ». Beatriz Cerdán Supervía, specialist Primary teacher at the El Pla de Elche public school, shares her classes directly and with 15,000 followers to whom she conveys her passion for gamification or learning from the game.

The top teachers on Twitter in the course of the covid give classes in the province | INFORMATION

“They are dynamic activities that can be applied from Kindergarten to Secondary, that students absorb like sponges and that I then explain to other classmates from how to record a video to the final product,” he says. Among the examples that he points out, on the learning of oral expression, he has devised an avatar with effects to modulate and distort the voice, which the students turn into the character he plays, such as Colón, they put a voice in autobiographical mode and they explain the story to their classmates.

“If we were confined due to the pandemic, my class would know how to go alone. Children know all the tools »



They can also voice objects such as the telephone and, through the avatar, tell how it was discovered by Graham Bell. «The tool is super intuitive and leads them to learn in a more motivating way. As if they did magic with the tools, ”explains Cerdán. “If we were confined for the pandemic, my class would know how to go alone. The children know the tools and their parents are trained too, ”he says.

“It is important to open the classroom door to all teachers and share what works and what doesn’t”



If this teacher accessed Twitter by the hand of Aarón Asencio, the latter incorporates in his long educational work another tool taken in turn from Miguel Ángel Azorín, “Flipgrid”, the educational work through videos and the debate they generate. “It is important to open the door of our classes to all teachers and share what works and what doesn’t. It is the way to grow as teachers and to improve classroom practices in order to better adapt to our students ”, Asencio reflects. He believes that this is especially relevant during the pandemic that we have experienced “to improve our educational system.” With nearly 19,000 followers, it shares videos with which students interact and record what they have understood in a notebook. It helps you take the pulse of the class, delve into what is needed and move forward.

“We reinvent ourselves to meet the difficulties added by the pandemic and brainstorming is continuous”



For his part, Azorín, Physical Education teacher at Father Dehón de Novelda, has managed to get his students in the fifth year of Primary to create their own videos about physical exercise, doing warm-ups live and explaining the anatomy at the same time. He has just involved students in the fictitious search for two scientists across the world, who are chased by criminals to steal the vaccine against covid. The student learns Geography with a current topic, while working on social inequalities, racism and a long etcetera.

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