Sunday, May 28

The Tories urge Johnson to resign for the holidays: “In the name of God, go away”

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, has insisted this Wednesday that he is not going to resign for the party scandal and Downing Street in the context of the pandemic and has asked parliamentarians to await the results of the ongoing independent investigation.

In a control session with the premier in the House of Commons, the Liberal Democrat MP Wendy Charmberlain asked him if “it is time for him to resign” and Johnson has answered a categorical “no”.

Thus, he indicated that He has already “sincerely apologized” for “any mistake made” and has asked parliamentarians to wait for the conclusions of the investigation carried out by Sue Gray, which will arrive next week, as reported.

The leader of the Labor Party, Keir Starmer, has asked the premier if he did not understand the restrictions that he himself imposed in the framework of the pandemic, highlighting that the president’s words are “ridiculous” and that “he wastes energy defending the indefensible”.

In this context, he pointed out that the Tories are so “too distracted to lead” the country “by their own chaos”. “(Johnson) is out of control, out of ideas and will soon be out of Downing Street,” he added, as reported by the BBC.

While, Johnson has insisted on “waiting” for Gray’s results and has highlighted some of the achievements of his Administration. “I am deeply proud of what this government has done,” he said, according to the Sky News network. Likewise, he has accused Starmer of “wasting the time of citizenship” with this line of questions and has described him as “completely irrelevant”.

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During the session, youveteran Torie MP David Davis has called on Johnson outright to step down, stressing to parliamentarians that he expects leaders to take responsibility for their actions. “In the name of God, go away,” he said.

Johnson has been under intense pressure for days due to information that points to the celebration of several parties in Downing Street during the toughest times of the pandemic. In fact, at least 20 Conservative MPs plan to support a no-confidence motion against him. The premier, for his part, insists on not resigning and on awaiting the results of the Sue Gray investigation.

A deserted conservative

On the other hand, Conservative MP Christian Wakeford has deserted this Wednesday from the Tory ranks and has joined Labour. Starmer has welcomed Wakeford, who has sat behind the Labor leader in the Commons, and has indicated that “anyone who wants to build a United Kingdom based on decency, security (…) is welcome in my Labor Party “.

Wakeford wrote Johnson a card, which has been echoed by the British press, in which it has argued that his departure has much more to do with “the leadership and the shameful way” in which the prime minister has behaved in the last weeks.

In his opinion, The UK needs a government that is focused on tackling the cost of the crisis unleashed by the pandemic and in providing a way to overcome COVID-19 that protects the vital standards of citizens and upholds security that reaches everyone.

“You need a government that upholds the highest standards of integrity in public life and unfortunately both you (Johnson) and the Conservative Party have proven incapable of offering the leadership this country deserves,” he concluded.

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