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The Torrevieja and Vinalopó hospitals detected 33 cases of gender violence in 2020

An image of health personnel from the Hospital del Vinalopó, in Elche

An image of health personnel from the Hospital del Vinalopó, in Elche

The health departments of Torrevieja and Vinalopó, health departments of the public network of the Valencian Community managed by Ribera, “are being the two departments that are screening the most women throughout this year 2020 within the universal screening program against gender violence of the Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health“According to official data from the Ministry of Health, he has assured in a statement.

It should be noted that, one more year Torrevieja is revealing itself as the most committed health department in the Valencian Community in the active search for cases of gender violence. Thus, to date, a total of 6,023 women have been screened against 1,857 on average from the rest of the departments of the Community, ranking as the department that is conducting the most surveys. For its part, Vinalopó, continues this same path, placing itself behind Torrevieja, with a figure of 3,637 surveys conducted with women.

The detection of 21 and 10 positive cases of gender violence respectively in Torrevieja and Vinalopó, in which it has been produced physical abuse, psychic and / or sexual, has been the result of the screening work carried out by the health professionals of both hospitals as well as the Primary Care centers of each health area.

The current pandemic and the health, economic and social crisis derived from Covid-19 have caused an increased risk for women victims of gender violence, and by extension, for the minors in their care. “We want to remind the entire population, and especially women, that all professionals continue to work in the fight against this social scourge. We must not forget that the numbers of women murdered at the hands of their abuser amount to 41 women and 3 minors as of today, according to data from the Ministry of Equality ”, they affirm from the Social Work service.

The objective of the gender-based violence screening protocol is to promote early detection of cases of gender-based violence in women over 14 years of age who are cared for in health centers by social health professionals who have direct care with women.

After the detection of a positive case, the health professionals of the health centers and hospital emergency services activate the specialized protocols, referring to the relevant resources available to the Administration to protect the victims; that is, the 24-hour Women’s Center, the Social Services, the Police and the Civil Guard.

Health personnel of the Torrevieja Hospital information

Social workers, working against gender violence

The Torrevieja Health Department has a Social Work service that informs, guides and advises patients on gender violence. In addition, it informs victims of the specific social resources that exist, such as active insertion income, remote alarm, emergency centers, shelters and 016.

This unit offers psychosocial support and follow-up to victims of gender violence, as well as refers the minors who depend on them to the appropriate resources. The action is based not only on social intervention, but on carrying out an exhaustive coordination of the case with the pertinent services that are most convenient for the woman and her children.

On the other hand, from the Health Social Work, awareness functions are carried out for professionals, working together on the problem from a biopsychosocial point of view. Prevention and promotion tasks are also carried out in the community.

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