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The Torrevieja City Council maintains by decree the telematic meetings of the governing bodies and does not pronounce on telework

Image of one of the plenary sessions held in Torrevieja City Hall between May and September 2020

Image of one of the plenary sessions held in Torrevieja City Hall between May and September 2020

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolon (PP) has signed a decree in which it maintains telematic meetings for the governing bodies and does not pronounce on the return to their face-to-face jobs of officials who are teleworking. The decree comes after the state of alarm subsides and several municipalities in the region, as is the case of Orihuela and Pilar de la Horadada have decreed the return of officials to their face-to-face positions.

After analyzing the current situation in its legal aspects and requesting a report from the secretary, it has held telematic meetings and plenary sessions. Dolon alludes to “to a principle of prudence, and in accordance with the resolution of May 8 of the Regional Minister of Universal Health and Public Health, and taking into account that said resolution has a validity period that runs from May 9 to May 24 “.

The secretary for her part has indicated that the convening of plenary sessions, informative commissions and spokespersons’ meetings, by telematic means is a competence of the mayor and the choice between holding sessions in person or telematically is a discretionary act. In other words, it is up to the mayor to celebrate them or not in person.

Since March 2020 the Torrevieja City Council has maintained the celebration of collegiate bodies electronically except for a brief period between the end of the confinement and the second wave of the pandemic in which it held plenary sessions with distancing and without an audience. The government team has held almost all public appearances with the face-to-face media in the plenary hall – a few telematic press conferences were held – while the opposition must do them at the City Hall access due to lack of space -the PP has not wanted to cede the plenary hall to the opposition because it ensures that it is occupied for other functions.

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CO2 monitoring

On the other hand, the Department of Innovation, Modernization and Transparency has launched, in the form of a minor contract with a duration of six months, a pilot service for monitoring C02 levels in the Town Hall and in its Registry (PROP) and IT units, through the company Televisión Costa Blanca. The government team does not indicate the cost of this minor contract directly awarded.

The municipal press release indicates that there is scientific evidence to establish that SARS-CoV-2 can be transmitted from person to person by different routes, being the main ones through contact and inhalation of respiratory drops and aerosols emitted by an infected person. Any respiratory emission less than 100 microns is considered an aerosol. These particles remain suspended in the air for a time (seconds to hours) during which they can be inhaled at a distance greater than two meters from the emitter or, even in the absence of the emitter, if they remain suspended in the air.

In view of the evidence found to date, it can be established that the viruses contained in the aerosols have the capacity to generate infection, especially in certain circumstances: in proximity to the carrier for a long time and in closed and poorly ventilated spaces.

On the other hand, the figures for a one-year pandemic clearly show that the incidence of infectious diseases that spread by air It has been greatly reduced, interpreting that this is a consequence of the set of measures applied: social distancing, use of masks, physical protection barriers, hygiene, telework, ventilation and / or purification of closed spaces.

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The project launched by the Torrevieja City Council accepts as valid the assertion that CO2 is an indicator of the risk of infection, as numerous scientists and international working groups have established, among them, the prestigious Spanish researcher José Luis Jiménez, who has collaborated with the City Council responding to the questions that have been raised.

The CO2 levels and historical data in the sensorized units can be freely consulted at the address Likewise, by those who provide service or visit the City Council, Registry / PROP and IT Department, through the screens and monitors installed for this purpose. Additionally, the public employee personnel who provide service in the dependencies, as well as the members of the Corporation, will be able to make use of an Alerts and Notices reception service in almost real time on the measured CO2 levels, in the form of short pre-established messages. by SMS channel, email or both.

Image of the CO2 control monitors in the plenary hall of the Torrevieja City Council

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