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The Torrevieja comptroller issued a report subsequent to that of the secretary dismissing the opposition’s appeal to the 2021 budget and dismissing it

Torrevieja Town Hall

Torrevieja Town Hall

The Torrevieja auditor issued a report on February 4, after the one made by the secretary of the City Council, in which she concludes by rejecting the appeal for reconsideration filed by the opposition councilors, Pablo Samper (Sueña Torrevieja), Israel Muñoz (Los Verdes) and Fanny Serrano (PSOE) in their proposal for declare null the call of the plenary session of initial approval of January 13. The secretary, as the mayor of Sueña Torrevieja, Pablo Samper, has pointed out today, estimated the appeal for reconsideration presented by the opposition in a report he made and where he concluded that the 2021 budget, initially approved on January 13, “is not correct processed “. The note sent by Sueña Torrevieja to the media has caused “surprise and perplexity” to the PP government team, who wanted to respond with the subsequent report of the auditor who dismissed that appeal.

The local government, in another note sent to the media, explains that on January 12, 2021 three councilors from three opposition political parties in the Torrevieja City Council (PSOE, Los Verdes and Sueña Torrevieja) presented an appeal against the convocation of the extraordinary plenary session for the approval of the 2021 budgets. The secretary general of the Plenary, a day later, on January 13, issued a report, to which the mayor Pablo Samper refers. However, later, the City Council’s General Comptroller issued another report, dated February 4, in which, among the different legal considerations, it states that the specific procedure for the processing and approval of the budget will be informed “by the intervention, since it is a function reserved for the general intervention, so it is not possible for another body of the corporation to report on this aspect”.

In addition, the general auditor of the City Council adds that the statements contained in the appeal of these opposition councilors “therefore do not conform to the content of the report, since in each matter of those raised, an express answer is given about the points alleged by the councilor about the content that the file should have. The referral to the website is complementary to the information provided but, in no case, is it manifested by the Municipal Intervention, as the appellants seem to conclude that “It should be mandatory part of the administrative file and it is not, it appears on the website“, according to the Intervention report, echoed by the government led by the popular Eduardo Dolón.

Likewise, as a very prominent aspect in relation to the foregoing and with which it is concluded to unfavorably resolve the appeal, the following is included in the report: “It is surprising in this sense andIt is not justifiable with the haste with which the report was issued by the Secretary General of the Plenary, the statement that it is not expressly stated that the settlement of the budget is in the file. “

Finally, based on the report that fully includes the decree signed by the mayor of Torrevieja, it resolves to dismiss the appeal for not having violated any legally established procedure, that the modified errors do not substantially alter the contents of the documents and that the file It contains all the documents that are legally required, according to the auditor, who has arguments contrary to those defended by the secretary.

According to the secretary, in a previous report, it indicates that in the file there are documentary deficiencies, which should have been incorporated into the file those documents that contain material errors, which in the settlement of the budget does not include the approval decree in the file that has to be voted on in plenary, but it does appear on the website of the City Council and that Any modification, rectification or correction of errors in the budget file must be done by the Local Government Board, so it concluded that the municipal budget file is incomplete. The mayor of Sueña Torrevieja Pablo Samper, who has echoed this report by the secretary, pointed out that “once again it becomes clear that the mayor of Torrevieja is put back in his place due to his attitudes and behaviors, being the second consecutive year that in the preparation of budgets arrives full of irregularities and errors“Something that the local government has denied based on the report issued by the comptroller who attributes the powers to report on the processing and approval of the budget and not the other authorized national, the secretary.

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