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The touchscreen Mac mini M1 exists. It was created by a youtuber with his 3D printer and an iPad Mini

With the help of a 3D printer and, above all, a good dose of imagination, the youtuber Scott Yu-Jan has created the perfect device for those who hate laptops but need to work on the go: a mobile workstation with Apple equipment. A laptop that is not a laptop. Or, seen from another perspective, a tablet that is not a tablet. The most curious thing is that the trick behind that square of the circle is relatively simple: merge a Mac mini M1 and an iPad mini 2021.

The surprising result is a Mac Mini M1 with touch screen.

In the video he posted explaining how he created his invention, the youtuber he confesses that he is not convinced by laptops. With that clear premise and based on the fact that his favorite machine is the 2020 Mac mini M1, Yu-Jan began to reflect: the Mac mini uses the same M1 processor as the 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop and weighs very little, about 1, 2 kilos; the problem when working with it outside is that it lacks a keyboard, screen or battery. The next question that was asked youtuber was: Is there a way to make it mobile?

A chassis to join forces

The answer is yes. Yu-Jan noted that the Mac mini and iPad mini share width, almost “as if they were made for each other“, so he decided to take advantage of that and devise a chassis that would join both devices. The result is a case that hugs the Mac mini and fits the iPad mini and allows it to be folded like a laptop screen. As the prototype does not incorporate its own battery , on the back installed a velcro that holds the power cord.

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The result is surprising. So much so that Yu-Jan explains that he takes it on a trip and uses it to work on YouTube and make videos like the one he posted explaining the whole process. Being able to work on the iPad mini with the Apple Pencil, he doesn’t need a mouse and when he wants to type comfortably he uses Apple’s Magic Keyboard. Duet Display, which allows turn ipad into a monitorcompletes the package of the portable workstation devised by the youtuber.

The end result, very similar to a small briefcase, which can be carried in a backpack or stored comfortably in a drawer, allows you to connect both devices with a USB-C cable and leaves room to store an Allen key to make the necessary adjustments to the device. chassis. Before deciding on that solution, Yu-Jan explored others, such as a chassis in which the Mac mini was inserted as a “cartridge”, the same —they point out in Apple Sfera— as in Nintendo’s Game Boy.

iPad Mini2

The device allows adjusting the tilt of the screen (iPad mini) and offers a comfortable solution for working while away from home. Especially if you are not convinced by laptops. As well he has his handicaps, of course. The computer must be plugged in and does not include a keyboard.

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There is also the question of price and how much it pays the user to buy an iPad mini and Mac mini M1 to save the price of an M1-based MacBook. Yu-Jan himself acknowledges that the design is “the most controversial thing I’ve ever done” so far. The idea, as the youtuber points out, is to “get more out of the things you already have” with the help of a 3D printer.

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