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The tough challenge of Hercules signings after a long period without competing

The full back Álex Martínez in training yesterday at the Rico Pérez.

The full back Álex Martínez in training yesterday at the Rico Pérez.

Correia, Álex Martínez and Darren Sidoel by Íñiguez, Manny and Pedro Torres. Three new faces that close the Hercules template. Complicated challenge that is presented to new hires to earn a place in Alejandro Esteve’s team.

Correia was the first to arrive in Alicante. The Portuguese occupies the filial file and is the fourth central team behind Moisés, Tano and Teo, so their presence on the pitch seems very complicated except for injuries or penalties from the starting defenders. For the moment, he trains with a good disposition, waiting for his moment.

For his part, Álex Martínez comes from Granada and has not played for a year due to various injuries, so his performance is unknown. The left back is already training and will be Nani’s direct competition. If injuries are respected, he can become an important player who also excels at set pieces.

The Dutch Darren Sidoel, in training with Córdoba. On the right, Romain Correia. HCF

The last signing was the Dutch Darren Sidoel, who arrives on loan from Córdoba with whom he has only played one game. The midfielder arrives ready to compete for a place that is currently very expensive in the center of the field, since he has players like Moyita, Armando, Appin or Diego Benito himself, who played a few minutes against Mestalla in the debut. Alejandro Esteve as first coach. He is the fifth player from the Netherlands to sign for the Alicante club in its 99-year history.

The 22-year-old former Córdoba player takes over from Jefrey Sarpong, who joined Hercules from Real Sociedad in the 2012-13 season, although the most illustrious Dutchman of the Alicante team was Royston Drenthe, who came on loan from Real Madrid in the 2010-11 season.

The Dutch international played 19 games with Hercules in the First Division, in which he scored four goals, although after a good start to the season he was more of the protagonist in Alicante due to his extra-sporting behavior than for his performance on the field.

The tough challenge of Hercules signings after a long period without competing

That same season, the entity’s last in the First Division, Hercules added goalkeeper Pier Velthuizen, an under-21 international for the Netherlands, who only played five games in the championship. Previously, in the 2007-08 season, Kiram Becham had become Hercules’ first Dutchman. The winger only played 12 games, in which he contributed a goal.

No player born in the Netherlands managed to triumph in the Alicante entity and perpetuate himself in the team for more than one season. A tough challenge for the three players who have reached Hercules in the winter market. With the squad closed, the forces are focused on classifying the team in the top three.

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