Thursday, October 6

The towns take the center of Cáceres in the great festival of the rural world

The meeting of opportunities organized by the Provincial Council allows popular festivals, innovative companies, artisans or artists to share spaces

Manuel M. Nunez

A tourist arrives at the Plaza de San Juan and finds the Jarramplas. For a moment you have to think about whether you have made the wrong month and destination and have arrived in Piornal, because the morning is also cool. But no, just a few meters below, already on Gran Vía, the tuk tuk car appears that goes up to the Mountain and has to lean to one side because among so many people it can’t move forward. The parade of dozens of figures from the Treasury of Aliseda enters a packed Plaza Mayor. The towns of Cáceres have once again taken over the center of the capital this Saturday in the great festival of the rural world.

The meeting of opportunities organized by the Diputación allows sharing experiences in common spaces that are reserved for popular festivals, artisans, artists or innovative companies. In the Plaza de Santa María is the Versatile restaurant, with its Michelin star. Or Tápiz Verde, whose promoter in 1989 Miguel Cremades, has taken the sods of this firm from Cáceres to the most renowned fields in the football universe. It’s Jato, the event organized by the Cáceres Provincial Council and that will say goodbye this Sunday after three intense days. The one on Saturday turned the Plaza Mayor and the surrounding areas into a bustle of people arriving from all points of the provincial geography.

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Antonio Moreno, a potter from Torrejoncillo, during his exhibition. /

George King

One of them was Antonio Moreno. This potter from Torrejoncillo continues a family saga that dates back to the 17th century, at least. His giant jars are known, the main reference of a local business school that has passed from one generation to another. Antonio Moreno was the center of attention at the Palacio de Carvajal, while he designed and modeled a piece by hand before the attentive gaze of dozens of visitors.

The same thing that happened to Miguel Pacheco, from San Vicente de Alcántara. His company is La Casita de Corcho and this morning he built a cork champagne cellar in just one hour while live popular music played in the background. “I open the hole and with the insulating characteristics of this material, it is perfect for keeping ice or putting the bottles and working as an ice bucket,” he recounted. He describes the Jato experience as “very positive” and recognizes that the exchange of experiences and the enormous response from the public invites them to come to future editions.

“I make champagne bottles out of cork, a perfect material for insulation”


Saint Vincent of Alcantara

Among those who went touring the different posts and departments was Álvaro Sánchez Cotrina. «The response of the people is to be proud. They have come to teach that hidden part of the towns of opportunity. It was what we were looking for, to show the opportunities for employment and development, so that we are not seen as an open-air museum », he stressed. This massive response is what suggests that the Jato model must be reinforced, with the thanks of the vice president and deputy for Demographic Challenge, who is also the mayor of Salorino.

A municipality like yours, with just 500 inhabitants, is among those that star in this edition. «They have come from all the towns and regions. There are thousands of people but also from the capital, with cultural companies that pay taxes in the province, innovative companies… », he reflects.

“It’s a wonderful experience. We come from the town to represent the Surprise. We enjoy ourselves and those who come to see us»


Arroyomolinos de Montánchez

The typical images of festivities and the products of the land have brought numerous families to the Plaza Mayor. “It’s a great experience. We enjoy ourselves and we make those who come to see us enjoy themselves”, says Juan Cañamero. He arrives along with 40 other countrymen from Arroyomolinos de Montánchez and does so with a replica shotgun under his arm. He is one of the extras that participates in the parade of the historic Surprise of Arroyomolinos. For a day there is no need to go there to experience the essence of the party.

The vice-president of the Diputación, Sánchez Cotrina, sums it up with one sentence: «Cáceres is more the capital of the province than ever». The event continues until Sunday with live music, street entertainment, folklore and a wide sample of the Cáceres agri-food industry, among other proposals.

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