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The Tramuntana Route – Costa Brava Regatta launches a new format




The XXVIII edition of La Ruta de la Tramuntana-Regatta of the Costa Brava is ready for its departure. The most cutting-edge boats in the Mediterranean high seas are ready to be at the starting line in the El Balís NP this Friday, July 9, ready to cover their journey to the Tramuntana Sea.

This edition has the novelty that it consists of two competition sections. The first stage (Costa Brava Sur) will be the traditional one traced through the Catalan North Sea from Port El Balís, passing by the buoy in front of CV Blanes, to CN l’Escala, a journey of 54 theoretical nautical miles. Once the fleet has reached Port de l’Escala, the second section will be covered, with a stage along the North Costa Brava, departing July 10, consisting of an exciting journey through the north of the Costa Brava coastline, from 29.5 miles, with departure and arrival at CN l’Escala, to turn the island of Cap Creus (La Massa d’Oros) and navigate one of the wildest coastlines in the Mediterranean.

This format has been very well received by fans of deep sea sailing, who make this event one of the most representative of the regattas that are held on the Costa Brava. The test is scoring for the Catalan Altitude Championship in its Solo, A2 and Crew categories.

Outstanding crews in A2

On this occasion, the powerful fleet of A2 stands out in the test with boats such as Comet @ of the competitive sailor of CN El Balís Luis Blanchar, IA Orana of Jordi Zaragoza of CN Vilanova, SMerit of Tito Moure of CV Blanes, Korrigan of Joan Balaguer also CV Blanes as well as Axel Muñoz’s Ainur from the Blanes fleet. Other outstanding A2 crews present are Rafael Margalef’s Caront from CV Mataró, Belgian Glenn De Brouwer’s Diabolic, who this year is standing out for his participation in the regattas of the Spanish Mediterranean high-altitude circuit, as well as his compatriot Eddy Lekens with the Repoman sailboat. , the French Matifou 3 by Caucat Olivier or Routes du Large by Jean-Françoise Lecarpentier, another regular in the high seas of our country.

The ‘Full Crew’

Also important are the vessels in the Full Crew category with sailboats such as those of the CN Port d’Aro Lone by Ramón Garriga Alsina, the L’Oreig Marti Gelabert, the Alcyon Primero by Fernando de Alvarado, from the AP Yates, the Amariha of Pere Quiles Mingot and the components of the fleet of the CN L’Escala J70-1 of Josep Calpe, the Poma of Pere Sala, Cresques of Valentín Baraibar, the Bniz of Domingo Gil Sapena of the CV Golfus, the Trasgo of Daniel Coronel Martinez of the CM Port Ginesta,

The fleet of the Training category stands out, made up of the boats from the Port Olimpic de Barcelona Klipper One by Asier Garmendia, the Suhail by Xavier Mas Cana, the Hink Fast by Víctor Avedaño, the Pekas by Xavier Mas Cana.

The event is organized by the CN Skipper and Difusión Náutica, together with the CN El Balís, CN L’Escala and has the collaboration of the Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona, Ports de la Generalitat, Associació Catalana de Ports Esportius i Turísitcs, Ajuntament de l’Escala, Cluster Nàutic Català, Blanes Sailing Club, Real Asociación Nacional de Cruceros, Sociedad Estatal de Salvamento y Seguridad Marítima and Guardia Civil del Mar.

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