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The trial for the murder of councilman Javier Ardines will begin on September 3

The arrest of Ardines' alleged killers in September 2019.

The arrest of Ardines’ alleged killers in September 2019.

The Four accused of murdering the IU de Llanes councilor Javier Ardines, in August 2018, will be tried as of September 3, as established by the Provincial Court of Oviedo in a car.

For this reason, Pedro Luis NA is being prosecuted as an alleged intellectual inducer; Jesús MB, as supposed intermediary; and the Algerian citizens Djillali B. and Maamar K., who are considered in the proceedings as alleged hitmen.

The Second Section of the Provincial Court has issued an order in which it makes a detailed account of the qualifying writings of the Prosecutor’s Office, the private accusation exercised by the family of the murdered councilor and the four defenses of the accused.

According to the accusations, The councilor died on August 16, 2018 due to the injuries caused by the alleged hitmen, “Following a preconceived plan” according to the indications received from Pedro Luis NA and Jesús MB

The Prosecutor’s Office and the private prosecution collect in their writings that Pedro Luis NA, who was a friend of the councilor, asked Jesús MB to look for people who “could execute the plan” when suspecting that his wife had an extramarital affair with Ardines.

In this way, both met with Djillali B. who accepted the order in exchange for money, receiving the appropriate instructions and information from the alleged inducer and the intermediary and decided to act jointly with Maamar K.

According to the order, to which Efe has had access, Djillali B. agreed with Maamar K. the distribution of the money that Jesús MB gave him once the councilor was assassinated “in respect of the work carried out.”

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To perpetrate the murder, The two alleged hitmen put up metal work fences to block the passage of Ardines’ vehicle in the vicinity of his home in the llanisca parish of Belmonte de Pría and force him to get out of his vehicle.

“To make sure they weren’t going to fail,” they armed themselves with pepper sprays, a stick and a baseball bat and, after approaching him, they beat him “repeatedly with great impetus and force” and exerting compression on the neck “with a lot of energy and intensity”, which made it unable to exercise “any effective defense”.

The car also collects the versions of the defenses, which deny any participation in the crime of their clients.

The Ardines crime demanded a complex investigation which led to several arrests six months after the murder.

On February 19, 2019, the alleged inducer, as well as the intermediary and one of the two accused of carrying out the crime, was arrested at his home in Amorebieta (Vizcaya), while the other alleged hitman had to be extradited later from Switzerland, where he was serving a sentence for subsequent criminal acts.

The president of the jury tribunal has summoned all the parties for next June 18 to participate in the act of designation in public hearing of the jury candidates.

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