Tuesday, April 20

The trick to sleep more, much better and cheaper

The trick to sleep more, much better and cheaper

The trick to sleep more, much better and cheaper

Having a routine before bed can help: have dinner before 8:30 p.m. and allow two hours to finish digestion. Do not eat too heavy products. Not getting a lot of exercise before going to bed. Try not to use too many screens (especially mobile) and perhaps a hot shower before opening the sheets are solutions that experts suggest before launching into the stormy world of pharmacology.

However, it is very important that the third that our life spends in the arms of Morpheus is truly refreshing. That is why Maxcolchon opens today the showroom at CC Zenia Boulebard (Orihuela), which coincides with the anniversary of the firm that allows you to get up to 25% discount. Maxcolchon in Orihuela is now open to the public with reduced hours following the guidelines of the Generalitat Valencia, from 9 in the morning to 8 in the afternoon uninterrupted, from Monday to Saturday.

The new one mattress store in Orihuela offers a wide selection of rest equipment made up of different ranges of mattresses, fixed and folding couches, headboards, pillows and bedding. The point of value of the brand lies in the personalization. Thanks to the possibility of manufacturing any type of custom mattress. Without forgetting the more than 40 different shades and the wide variety of fabrics available in supports and headboards, which allow you to design any room to the millimeter.

Customers have the opportunity to win direct prizes, while supplies last, such as pillows, bolsters and even numerous types of discounts that they can apply to their purchases. In addition, the opening at CC Zenia Boulebard coincides with the Maxcolchon anniversary, which allows obtaining up to an additional 25% discount.

The manufacturer specialized in rest products is known for offering very succulent prices, with the aim that all homes can have the best rest. With almost 85 mattresses throughout the peninsula, Maxcolchon aims to bring to its clients their way of understanding rest, oriented to the specific needs of each person. The satisfaction of each of your clients is paramount.

Its wide range of advantages include the 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, the 100-night trial, as well as expert advice on rest. Without forgetting the wide variety of forms of payment, the most chosen option being interest-free financing, and the different types of shipments that are offered, being able to count on a specialized service of delivery, assembly and collection of belongings.

Likewise, the Spanish firm Maxcolchon stands out over its competitors for controlling the entire manufacturing and sale process. The adaptation of the Maxcolchon production makes it easier for its customers to order its tailor-made products. In this way, they can choose the width, length and thickness of their new mattress, adapting it to their tastes and needs. In addition, the firm offers extensive customization in the rest of the products with a wide variety of upholstery and colors available in folding couches, fixed couches, upholstered bases and headboards. This type of customization can be carried out both in your physical stores and in your online store, since ‘omnicality’ is another differentiating point.

The multinational firm from the mattress sector does not stop its expansion plan despite the current situation of the world economy. Maxcolchon is the only manufacturer specialized in the rest sector that has the largest network of its own stores. With a forecast of closing the year with about 100 physical stores.


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